Best Framing Tool Belts in 2020 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Last Updated on October 13, 2020

If you are an electrician or a carpenter, you may always need to carry some essential repairing tools or instruments along with you. Therefore, most of the carpenters and electricians prefer to hold a tough built tool bag to carry their essential tools with maximum comfort. In that situation, the best framing tool belt provides secure storage to your tools and offers a comfortable and convenient carry to you.

Usually, the best tool belt features multiple pouches to store different kinds of tools conveniently. These framing tool pouches along with carrying handle also comprise back support and air ventilation very well. In short, these best framers tool belts are great for secure storage and easy access to your repairing tools indeed.

But, all the framing tool belts are not the same in design. The different professional has a different requirement based on their work patterns. So, everyone doesn't use the same framing tool belt yet. Many custom leathercraft tool bag comes with such features that you want to design your own tool belt.

ImageProduct NamePocketsWeightEditor RatingPrice
DEWALT DG5617DEWALT DG5617205.2 Pounds4.9/5Check Price
Occidental Leather 8089 MOccidental Leather 8089 M224.08 Pounds4.7/5Check Price
ToughBuilt TB-CT-102-3ToughBuilt TB-CT-102-3103.64 Pounds4.6/5Check Price
Gatorback B145Gatorback B145165 Pounds4.5/5Check Price
MagnoGrip 002-382MagnoGrip 002-382121 Pound4.4/5Check Price
Style n Craft 98434Style n Craft 98434170.65 Pound4.2/5Check Price
CLC Custom Leathercraft 1614CLC Custom Leathercraft 1614204.85 Pounds4.0/5Check Price

Best Framing Tool Belt Reviews of 2020

1. DEWALT DG5617 20-Pocket Pro Framer’s Tool Belt

DEWALT DG5617 ReviewsDewalt DG5617 20-pocket pro framers tool belt is an overall lightweight tool belt that comes with yoke-style suspenders. These Dewalt tool belt suspenders efficiently distribute the load and feel lightweight even when they are fully loaded. Besides, the Dewalt framers tool belt also features a patented pouch handle and an easily adjustable belt for hanging the bag comfortably at different positions.

As a result, the suspenders of Dewalt carpenter belts also increase the comfort of carrying tools yet. This Dewalt framers tool belt has 9- main pockets and 11- smaller pockets to carry tools. It also comes with a phone holder, carabiner, hammer loop, zippered, and other utility pockets. Overall, these Dewalt tool belts are roomy and comfortable indeed.

Again, the price of this tool belt is well worth it. So, if you are looking for an ideal tool belt, this Dewalt framers tool belt will be a great deal for you.

Highlighted Features:

  • Adjustable belt, handle, pockets, and suspenders for more convenient tool carry
  • Provides 9- large and 11 small pockets for storage
  • Performs an excellent job for distributing the load
  • Comes with Dri-Lex 5-inch padded shoulder straps
  • The overall weight is more than 5 lbs
  • Features compartment for mobile storage
  • Deliver convenient transportation
  • Provide plastic liner chamber for knife
  • Excellent capacity
  • Worth of money
  • Plastic connector clips tend to break easily

2. Occidental Leather 8089 M OxyLights Framing Tool Belt Set

Occidental Leather Tool Belt 8089 ReviewOccidental leather 8089 oxylights 7 bag framer set is one of the best professional-grade tool belts available in the market. This occidental nail bag comes with 22 compartments to hold various tools. The compartments also come at a great mix of both large and small sizes. Also, the pockets of this best tool belt are designed with double-ply as well.

The leather 8089 occidental 7 bag framer set offers 6- different waist sizes, which are adjustable from 29 inches to 54 inches. It provides hand specific tool holders to hold the tools yet. Besides, these occidental framing belts also made of high-quality leather, with anti-abrasive Nylon combinations.

Occidental leather framing belts offer better personal fit by removing or rearranging attachment modules as well. These occidental carpenter belts also provide additional loops to carry heavy as well as large tools and hammers without cluttering pouch space. Indeed, this is the best tool belt for framers yet.

Highlighted Features:

  • Tough built tool pouch
  • Provides 22 compartments to hold various tools
  • Convenient and comfortable to use
  • Comes in various sizes
  • 7 bag framer set offering 6- waist sizes
  • Comes with 6 different waist size
  • Offer better personal fit
  • Provide hammers loop
  • Lightweight
  • Convenient to use
  • Little bit pricy

3. ToughBuilt 3pc Framer Tool Belt Set (TB-CT-102-3)

TB-CT-102-3 ReviewToughBuilt pro framer tool belt set, black (3-piece) is one of the best-rated framing tool belts available in the market. This 3 pieces toughbuilt tool belt set includes two large removable pouches along with a padded belt yet. This toughbuilt tool belt provides plenty of room for your best framing tools. So, it is considered as the best tool belt for roofing as well.

The style and craft of this tool belt allow you to use this best framer’s tool belt as a waist belt as well. You can even slug this belt over your shoulder or throw on the suspenders for a full harness. This pro framer tool belt provides excellent value and superior storage to your phone, knife, and other things very well. It has spots for the 3-piece harness.

This belt also facilitates you to remove or attach the pouch according to your needs as well. This best framing carpenter tool belt comes with an ultra-durable build. It also offers excellent customer service to its users as well.

Highlighted Features:

  • Customizable pouches
  • Ultra-durable built
  • Plenty of room for multiple small tools
  • Features 10 pockets and tool loops
  • Comes with 2- tape measure clips
  • Convenient to use
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Compatible and versatile
  • Best suited for both men and women
  • Best tool belt for homeowner, carpenter, framers, and suspenders
  • Some customers complain about the quality of the padded belt

4. Gatorback B145 Carpenters Triple Combo Belt

Gatorback B145 Carpenters ReviewGatorback b145 carpenters triple combo belt is another best framing tool belt that is designed with the trading mind. This Gatorback tool belt helps you to make your regular operations easier. Besides, its airflow technology makes it one of the best carpenter’s tool belts as well. The patented airflow technology reduces the possibility of chafing and prevent sweating yet. This breathable padding also lessens strain from belt indeed.

Gatorback tool belts come with sturdy construction and ample storage. This top-rated framing tool belt provides 7- large pockets to carry your tools. The large pockets also include organizers to carry your tools in a better way. It is designed to fit within 36″ to 40″ waist sizes. This nylon tool belt also includes plastic lining for maintaining box size as well.

In total, this tool belt provides 16 pockets to store your tools in an ideal arrangement. Now we are at the end of the Gatorback tool belt b145 review. Overall, it is a comfortable tool belt, indeed. This excellent piece of tool belt also comes with a one year guarantee as well. We hope this short B145 Gatorback belt review will help you.

Highlighted Features:

  • Best suited for 36 to 40 inches waist sizes
  • Features Airflow Technology
  • Includes 7- large pockets
  • Features total 16 - Pockets
  • Comes with one year guarantee
  • Comfortable and convenient tool belt
  • Breathable foam padding backing
  • Features plastic lining
  • Reduce sweating and shoulder stress
  • Durable nylon construction
  • Doesn’t feature hammer holder

5. MagnoGrip 002-382 Magnetic Tool Belt

MagnoGrip 002-382 ReviewsMagnogrip 002-382 tool belt is an incomparable as well as a professional tool belt for carpenters. This special tool belt features 12 different size pockets in an organized way. This magnogrip tool belt is designed with double-layered 1680D ballistic polyester materials to ensure the quality of the belt. This tool belt also reinforced with rivets at the key stress point indeed.

The magnogrip tool belt is one of the most popular models in the market. You can store your small screws to large tools in it. It features an exterior magnet to deliver quick and easy access to your essential tools. Besides, the magnetic pockets also keep tools and fasteners from spilling.

The lightweight construction of this belt also lessens our strain to a great extent. Check out the key feature of this tool belt at the below of this 002-382 Magnogrip tool belt review.

Highlighted Features:

  • Features 12-pockets for storing
  • Magnet pockets allow keeping screws, nails, drill bits, and others
  • 1680D ballistic polyester construction
  • Reinforced with rivets at the key- point
  • Quick access through the exterior magnet
  • Professional tool belt
  • Lightweight Construction
  • Reduce strain
  • Magnetic pockets
  • Offers quick access to the tools
  • Straps places with hands

6. Style n Craft 98434 17 Pocket Pro-Framers Combo

Style n Craft 98434 ReviewStyle n craft 98434 17 pocket pro framer’s combo tool belt is the last belt from our best framing tool belt list. It is another good option for electricians, carpenters, and other professionals as well. This style and craft tool belt is a 3 inches wide belt which comes with 17 different pockets. It is a durable as well as comfortable belt indeed.

Style n craft tool belt is a standard tool belt. It fits all the people between 34 inches to 46 inches of waist size. Though it is an adjustable belt, most of the people can wear this belt without adjustment. As we mentioned earlier in this 98434 style n craft tool belt review, this tool belt offers decent durability to last for a few years long.

This framers tool rig is best suited for short term repairs yet. In short, this is a quality belt at a very reasonable price, indeed.

Highlighted Features:

  • Features 17 pockets for storing
  • Standard size
  • Rivets with safety caps
  • Double pouch design
  • 3-inch wide tapered lather
  • Quality construction
  • Excellent durability
  • Double prong roller buckle
  • Wide and heavy-duty construction
  • Reasonable price
  • Stitching quality is a little bit low

7. CLC Custom Leathercraft 1614 Heavy Duty Framers Tool Belt System

CLC 1614 ReviewCLC leather tool belt is an excellent piece of tool belt for electricians and carpenters. It becomes popular among the people due to its convenience. Another unique feature of this CLC carpenters tool belt is its standard waist size, which is almost suitable for all waist yet. This convenient tool belt will work for you; either your waist size is 29 inches or 46 inches, however.

This CLC electrician tool belt from Leather-craft Brand also features additional and adjustable braces to distribute weight properly. The accurate weight distribution prevents sliding and slipping as well. This CLC 1614 framing tool belt has 20 separate compartments of various sizes. You can carry metal screws to larger tools into these pockets.

It also includes Sta-open pockets to allow fast access to the tools as well. These pockets feature reinforcing bar to deliver secure access function indeed. Even you can open these pockets on the one hand as well. Overall, the CLC tool belt review seems satisfactory to its manufacturers yet. They also claim that they use higher grade quality materials in this belt.

Highlighted Features:

  • Adjustable additional belt
  • Accurate weight distribution
  • A 20-separate pocket of various sizes
  • Higher quality materials
  • Sta-open pockets for easy access to the tools
  • Best suited for electricians and carpenters
  • Prevents sliding and slipping
  • Pockets feature reinforcing bars
  • Standard waist size
  • Convenient to use
  • Hooks can be broken earlier

Product Guide

Best tool belt for framing is the most convenient option to settle multiple professional's tools in a disciplined way. Professional carpenters use various leather framers tool belt to carry their heavy, sharp, and essential tools along with them. Even some professional electricians use framing tool belts instead of electrician tool bags. These tool bags and belts have some significant criteria based on the type of instrument that we need to carry with us.

The durability of these framing tool belts also varies from usage and patterns of your tools. When choosing the framer’s tool belts, the different professionals may differ with the framer’s belts as they are different in their work patterns. Best electrician tool belts also come with multiple electrician's pouches for offering easy access to the devices or tools for the professional electricians.

Some best framers tool belt also comes in various forms and different framing tool belt set up as well. They are available in both left and right-hand design yet. Even, some manufacturers also produce custom leather tool belts for other professionals as well. So, it is wise to settle with such a framer tool belt that suits both tool patterns and work very well.

Buying Guide

Before making any decision on the framing tool belt, we need to make sure several considerations very well. Firstly, it is necessary to understand the purpose of the tool belt and make sure the type of tool which is needed to be accommodated in the tool belt yet. Besides, the choice of best framers tool belt also depends on the preference of the user as well.

Though some professional prefers leather framing tool belt, some user doesn't pay any attention to the leather tool belt yet. Here we are going to discuss the basic features that should be considered before making any purchase.

Removable or Fixed Compartments

Usually, the best framing tool belts are 3-types. Some framers rig has fixed compartments, while some framing nail belts feature removable compartments yet. Besides, some carpenter belts with suspenders features both fixed and removable compartments indeed. The choice of the type of tool belts relies on user choice and work type. But most of the professionals prefer removable framing pouches indeed.

Compartments for Hammers and Drills

Most of the top tool belts feature compartments for hammers and drills. Usually, electricians, carpenters prefer these framers tool pouches yet. But, those who don't have any hammers or drills operations can avoid these tool belts as well.


Good tool belts are generally made of leather. But you may find various tools belts available in the market which are made of Nylon and Polyester also. Usually, leather tool belts are best among other tool belts indeed. But the choice of material depends on the preference of the user indeed.

Safety and Easy Access Chambers

The market offers various models of framing tool belts for sale. Most of the original tool belt features zipper pockets for mobile and knife. Besides, they also provide an easy access chamber to get easy access to emergency tools during operation. Even some modern tool belts include magnet over the chambers for securing tiny tools (like –screws) and get easy access to them. These magnet chambers are helpful to the professionals indeed.


The market offers several best tool belts for framing. To keep your hand free in the workplace, here we have made a list of 7 best framing tool belt after a lot of research. In this best framing tool belt review, we have tried at our best to cover all the details, including the pros and cons of the framing tool belts.

We hope our Framing tool belt review will help you to select the best one according to your needs yet. Any of our recommended tool belts will prove efficient to fulfill your needs very well.

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