Best Impact Socket Sets in 2020 – Reviews & Complete Guide

Last Updated on October 12, 2020

You consider yourself quite the DIYer with all the tools hanging out at the garage. So much so that you buy all the latest tools. Just like the impact drill that is peaking out of the toolbox. But with all the power tools, you still struggle to unscrew the bolts of the tire. Now, why's that? The answer is simple, you've upgraded the drill but still stuck with the stone aged sockets. What you need is the best impact socket set to make the most of your power tool.

We know you're asking in what way the impact sockets are any different than the ones you're already using. Yes, there is much difference between the two. For starters, the impact socket sets are much more durable. So, they are longer lasting. Secondly, the best impact socket sets are universal. By that We mean, no matter what type of screw you've got, there is a socket to fit it and help you unscrew it.

But all said, finding the best impact socket set for the money is a challenge in itself. Especially, with all the cheap impact sockets out there, the job gets tougher. And yet, we have managed to go through all the junks out there in the market to get the best impact sockets. So, all you have to do is to go through this impact socket review to find the one.

ImageProduct NameItem WeightPiecesEditor RatingPrice
Sunex 3657Sunex 36573 lbs104.9/5Check Price
TEKTON 4883Tekton 48836.6 lbs154.75/5Check Price
Stanley 97-126Stanley 97-1265.95 lbs114.6/5Check Price
Tekton 4885Tekton 48858.8 lbs144.55/5Check Price
Sunex 3342Sunex 33428.5 lbs424.4/5Check Price
Neiko 02474ANeiko 02474A8.31 lbs154.2/5Check Price

6 Best Impact Sockets - Reviews 2020

1. Sunex 3657 3/8 Drive Impact Sockets

Sunex 3657 ReviewThe Sunex 3657 3/8 is one of the best impact sockets that money can buy. It comes in a heavy-duty case. So, before even opening up the case, you know there is something good inside it. And the 3/8 swivel socket set doesn’t disappoint. Since inside, it is the10 piece sockets from the range 10mm to 19mm. So, you can work on any size of bolts with the set. And there is no way to confuse one with another as all the sockets are laser etched.

However, we have just scratched the surface while talking about the Sunex 3657 3/8 Drive Impact Sockets. There is so much to it like its super strength. That’s because of the impact socket sets use CR-MO STEEL to get the durability and flexibility to handle the high torque of power tools.

Even its radius corner design ensures the corners have minimum contact with the wall. It is by design to eliminate the wearing out of the fastener, which is quite ingenious to be fair. So, all in all, the Sunex impact sockets ranks high in our list as it is one of the best value socket set in the market.

Highlighted Features:

  • The 3/8 drive size makes it perfect for use in tight spaces
  • Made from CR-MO steel, which is highly durable and flexible
  • The socket provides quick alignment to fasteners
  • It has dual size marking on it
  • The entire impact socket set comes within a heavy-duty storage case
  • Lifetime Warranty


  • Provides exceptional strength in times of use
  • Outlasts most of the other impact sockets out there
  • Rust free
  • Perfect set from home DIYers and professionals alike


  • Not enough sizes

2. Tekton 4883 1/2-Inch Drive Deep Impact Socket Set

Tekton 4883 1/2-Inch ReviewIf you’ve got your eyes on the best half-inch impact socket set, then we have the right thing for you to enjoy. It’s the Tekton 4883 1/2 deep impact socket set. And it is quite on par with the last one we have displayed and in some aspects even better. For starters, the 1/2 deep tekton impact socket set offers 15 varieties of sockets.

All these sockets are forged from vanadium steel. It might be no Vibranium metal from the Black Panther. Still, it is highly durable. To double seal the durability factor, the steel gets treated with a corrosion-resistant black phosphate finish. So, in the harshest of conditions, they don’t rust. Plus, you can’t overlook the fact the tekton impact sockets won’t leave a giant hole in the pocket as it’s a cheap impact socket set of great values.

Highlighted Features:

  • It grips to the flat sides of fasteners with ease thanks to the 6-point design
  • It accommodates longer fasteners
  • Made from strong steel that has black phosphate finish to avoid corrosion
  • It meets or exceeds the performance standards of ANSI


  • Immune to the common damaging agents
  • It has a long lifespan
  • Manufactured using the strongest materials
  • The six-point design ensures less wearing


  • The impact socket is slightly overpriced, considering the number of options it provides

3. Stanley 97-126 1/2 deep impact socket set

Stanley 97-126 ReviewYou’re still looking for the best impact socket driver set. Maybe your search is about to end with the Stanley impact sockets that we have in store for you. It’s the Stanley 97-126 1/2 deep impact socket set. Similar to the earlier socket set, it boasts of vanadium steel construction. So, you can imagine it will last a lifetime. And Stanley backs the statement with a lifetime warranty.

But what truly interests the DIYer is its variety of sockets. It starts from a 10mm range and ends at 24mm. So, you can almost unscrew any size of nuts with the stanley deep impact socket set. Moreover, you will appreciate the six-point design of the sockets. If you don’t know the benefit of the design, then let me educate you in simple terms, reduces wearing out at the corners. So, you get the right grip while tightening bolts.

Highlighted Features:

  • It has the industrial standard 6-point design
  • It boasts of chrome vanadium steel construction
  • It comes with 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 16, 17, 19, 21, 22, 24mm socket sizes
  • It has an industrial finish to resist rusting
  • The impact socket set has a limited lifetime warranty


  • It is made from high-grade chrome vanadium steel
  • The sockets are highly durable and corrosion-resistant
  • It comes with a nice carrying box
  • Cheap impact sockets


  • If not taken care of, the sockets might rust

4. Tekton 4885 1/2-Inch Drive Impact Socket Set

Tekton 4885 ReviewAnother Tekton 1/2-inch drive impact socket set makes the cut. This time it is the Tekton 4885, the best socket set for electricians. So, similar to the other Tekton model, it has the vanadium steel construction. No surprise in that department. It even has a 6-point socket design. And as you already know, it has its perks. For instance, the sockets slide easily over any fastener. Not to mention, the grip is better because of it. Plus, less wearing out due to the design.

Nothing special. And yet, electricians can’t get enough of it. Now, why’s that? Maybe the number of sockets it provides might be one reason for its popularity among the demographic. However, that’s not it. The high demand is because of its extra-deep broach. They designed the socket set to accommodate the longer fastener.

Highlighted Features:

  • The 6-point socket prevents round off and offers a better grip at flat sides
  • It supports longer fasteners thanks to its deep broach
  • It has highly visible laser-etched size markings that are easy to read
  • The chrome vanadium steel is heat-treated and forged to withstand the torque generated by power tools
  • Each socket has the same corrosion-resistant black phosphate finish
  • The socket set exceeds the ANSI performance standards


  • No issue with rusting
  • Sockets can bear the high torque
  • It comes with a storage case
  • It has a lifetime warranty


  • The steel might get shattered if the torque is too much

5. Sunex 3342 3/8-Inch Drive Master Impact Socket Set

Sunex Tools 3342Not happy with all those sets. They are great, but not a complete impact socket set that you wish to own. No worries, we have got the perfect master set that ought to bring a smile in any DIYers face. It’s the Sunex 3342 3/8 drive impact socket set, the best impact socket set for lug nuts.

The master impact set has a total of 42 pcs. So, you will never be shorthanded in terms of tools to deal with all sizes of bolts. That means you can get more jobs done in less time with this socket set. Besides that, the Sunex provides the same level of flexibility and strength as its predecessor. So, this will last your lifetime. Also, like the other Sunex, it comes in a sturdy case to store the tools with care.

Highlighted Features:

  • Lifetime warranty on the impact socket set
  • Features durable and flexible high-grade CR-MO steel
  • Reduces wear and increases the torque on fasteners with radius corner design
  • All the sockets are laser etched, so they are easy to identify


  • The impact socket set is built to absorb high torque
  • The set is versatile, with its 42 pieces
  • It is reasonably priced
  • It comes with a nice carrying box
  • The set has a lifetime warranty


  • The socket set requires high maintenance

6. Neiko 02474A 1/2″ Drive Deep Impact Socket Set

Neiko 02474A ReviewTekton might be the obvious choice among electricians. But, the best socket set for a mechanic is Neiko 02474A 1/2 Drive Deep Impact Socket Set. The set is the perfect companion for the power tools used by mechanics. All credits go to the chrome vanadium steel that goes to make the thing. The metal is super flexible and durable to the high torque generated by impact drills.

Besides the hulk-like durability, the Neiko 1/2 Impact Socket Set boasts all the top qualities you wish to find in the best-quality impact sockets. For instance, it doesn’t rust. Then there is the 6-point design of it, which makes it handy to fasten bolts even if you’re working on the flat sides.

Not to forget, all the 15 sockets are well-etched with a laser to be easily identified. And to seal the deal, the package comes in a well-built heavy-duty box where you keep everything organized. Everything said the Neiko impact socket set is one of the best professional impact sockets out there.

Highlighted Features:

  • It uses chrome vanadium steel to ensure longevity
  • The premium black phosphate coating on the sockets keep it safe from rusting and corrosion
  • The 6-point flank drive design helps it to get better grips on flat sides
  • The impact sockets set comes in a heavy-duty custom case


  • It ensures a better grip with its six-point design
  • The laser etching makes it easier to identify
  • Free from rust and corrosion
  • Affordable
  • It comes with a variety of socket sizes


  • The deep impact socket falls short in tight spaces

Buying Guide

Every buyer should know about the product they are going to buy. They need to understand what they require and how they are going to use it and for which purpose. Once they have answers to their questions, they can easily find the best impact socket sets for the money. But we’re guessing you're not sure what to look for and that's why you've made a stop here.

In that case, no worries as we have made a list of things you need to look out for to find the best-quality impact socket sets. So, let's dive right into it.


Once you've found the right type, the right size, and the right set of impact sockets, it's time to look into the durability of the thing. So, make sure whatever you buy, it can withstand the high torque of the power tools so that they last. Because for some sockets, it is better to use a torque wrench.

So, it is quintessential to know, what sockets are better for impact wrench? And which one should be kept away from the high-pressure tools. Otherwise, you would need to again look into the market for another best impact socket adapter set.

Types of Sockets

Now, the sets come in three different varieties: shallow, deep, and extra deep. And some sets are the combination of the three. So, as a buyer, you need to make sure and choose the set that you're most probably going to use. If you're going to work in tight spaces, shallow impact sockets will be a great addition.

For lugs sitting an inch below the bolt, get yourself the deep socket set. But the best option is to go for the combined set. However, you would need to spend more money on it.

Sockets Drive Size

Sockets come in three sizes: ¼ inch, ⅜ inch, and ½ inch. Those of you who work with nuts in tight spaces would find the ¼ inch impact socket set ideal. Meanwhile, the ½ inch sockets are made to handle the high torque of the impact drills. And the most common type is the ⅜ inch socket.

Nicely Labeled

The impact socket set comes with a variety of sockets. So, you need to identify them quickly without any effort. You don't want to waste your time looking around the box to find the right size. That's why buy impact driver socket sets that have laser-etched markings on them.


Finding the top-rated impact sockets is a challenge, no doubt. But now it might become slightly easier with the options we have provided for you to choose from. But if you're still unhappy with the choices given, then you're welcome to embark on a journey of yours to discover the best professional impact sockets all by yourself.

And if you need any guidelines in the search for the best cheap impact sockets, we hope the buyer guide will come to your rescue. In one way or another, you're set to find the best impact sockets for the money, that's for sure.

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