Best Miter Saw Stands in 2021 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Last Updated on January 11, 2021

Even if you have spent a few hundred dollars on a miter saw, you aren’t quite ready to start working. You actually need to reserve some more money on a miter saw stand, whether a DIY or commercially-made one. Without a good miter saw stand, there’s only so much you can do to fix the wood and ensure a straight cut. Long pieces are especially difficult to keep in place.

The best solution to this issue for most people will probably be buying a commercially-made miter saw stand. Unless you have exceptional DIY skills, you won’t be able to top the precision of the stands available out there.

If you don’t have the time or skills for DIY and are looking for the best miter saw stand, we may have the answers for you. Here are our top 7 stands. These are the best products that the current market has to offer. Read on!

ImageProduct NameItem WeightWarrantyEditor RatingPrice
Bosch T4B Gravity-RiseBosch T4B Gravity-Rise91.6 lbs1 Year4.9/5Check Price
BORA Portamate PM-4000BORA Portamate PM-400030.2 lbs1 Year4.7/5Check Price
DEWALT DWX726DEWALT DWX72625 lbs3 Years4.6/5Check Price
DEWALT DWX724DEWALT DWX72429.8 lbs3 Years4.5/5Check Price
DEWALT DWX723DEWALT DWX72335 lbs3 Years4.4/5Check Price
DEWALT DWX725BDEWALT DWX725B17 lbs3 Years4.3/5Check Price
Toughbuilt TB-S600Toughbuilt TB-S60068 lbsLifetime4.1/5Check Price

7 Best Miter Saw Stands - Detailed Reviews

1. Bosch T4B Gravity-Rise Portable Miter Saw Stand

Bosch T4B Gravity-Rise ReviewIf you are ready to pay the money for a versatile miter saw stand, then the Bosch T4B Gravity-Rise might be the best one for you. This is a heavy duty stand that should be good for home or workshop jobs that require high precision. The T4B stand is the Gravity-Rise system that is designed to ensure quick setup and breakdown.

We wouldn’t say that miter saw stands are particularly difficult to set up, but if you are often traveling, every second spent on setup might count. The Bosch T4B miter saw stand is the universal Rapid Release tool mount. This tool release system is there to ensure quick mounting system, first of all. Besides, it should work with most top-rated miter saws, even non-Bosch ones.

If you happen to be occasionally working on uneven work surface, then the adjustable telescopic legs of this Gravity Rise miter stand should be able to ensure a level working surface for you. Bosch also boasts the material capacity of this saw stand – this thing takes up to 18 feet of material!

As claimed by Bosch, this is the most you could find among fully portable stands. Whether this is true or not, 18 feet is a lot. The feed-out height could be adjusted to accept up to 12-inch workpieces as well. Finally, to ensure portability, the T4B features a pair of 8-inch pneumatic wheels. Though this thing is fairly compact when folded, it weighs nearly 80 pounds, so the wheels will certainly be helpful in transport.

Product Features:

  • Max feed-out height of 18 inches
  • Gravity-Rise assembly system
  • Telescopic legs
  • Integrated rubber wheels
  • High material capacity
  • May be used on uneven ground
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Universal mounting system
  • Pricey

2. BORA Portamate PM-4000 Folding Miter Saw Stand

BORA Portamate PM-4000 ReviewDon’t need the fancy features of the Bosch miter saw stand? Then consider the Bora PM-4000 miter saw stand. This is a great option for home or workshop applications that don’t require much precision or stability. Much cheaper than the Bosch stand, the Portamate unit doesn’t have the same conveniences.

Even without the fancy Gravity-Rise mode, the setup and teardown of this thing should pose no issues for you. Not only that, but weighing just 30 pounds, it’s fairly easy to transport.

Remarkably, in spite of its lightness, the Portamate miter saw stand supports up to 500 pounds of weight! When it comes to a saw attachment, this stand is fairly convenient – the Bosch unit is a bit better in this regard, but the PM-4000’s quick attach mounting bars do make miter saw setup easy and quick.

Bora also offers other tool attachments as an option. One thing that Bora boasts is the height of this unit. The PM-4000 is 36 inches tall, which, as claimed by Bora, is a comfortable working height. Well, this will depend on how tall you are, but 36 inches should be good for most people.

With that said, the outfeed arms of the PM-4000 are a little flimsy. If you are often working close to the 10-ft. length limit of this unit, then you might get annoyed by the lack of support (though you could DIY around this issue).

Product Features:

  • 500 pounds of weight capacity
  • Takes up to 10 feet long wood pieces
  • Edge supports that adjust up to 13 inches
  • 36 inches of working height
  • Inexpensive
  • Very light and easy to move around
  • Quick setup
  • Flimsy extension arms

3. DEWALT DWX726 Miter Saw Stand

DEWALT DWX726 ReviewThe DEWALT rolling miter saw stand DWX726 is a fairly versatile unit that might be one of the best rolling miter saw stand for people mostly working with shorter workpieces. It’s also a great choice if you want a stable work surface to cut wood on.

This isn’t necessarily bad, but it makes the DWX726 unsuitable for people often working with longer pieces. The DEWALT DWX726 stand is rugged and durable. This stand is made of tubular steel and supports up to 300 pounds of weight. That’s less than in the cheaper PM-4000, but 300 pounds should be enough for most miter saws and workpieces.

The most remarkable feature in this mobile miter saw stand is its three-position pneumatic lifting mechanism. This mechanism allows for quick setup and foldup, as well as allows some height adjustment. The three positions allowed by the mechanism are closed (17 inches tall), intermediate, and extended (32.5 inches tall).

There’s not too much height adjustment, but having two working height options is better than just one. When in the closed position, the DWX726 is quite compact. And intended for vertical storage, this thing promises to be pretty storage-efficient.

DEWALT also boasts easily adjustable mounting rails that “adapt to nearly any miter type saw”. This unit probably won’t work with every saw out there, but mitre saws from major brands should work just right. The DWX726 also has integrated rubber wheels to assist with transporting its 67 pounds of weight.

Product Features:

  • Takes wood pieces up to 8 feet long
  • Three-position pneumatic-assisted raising
  • This product weights 67 pounds
  • Weight capacity of 300 pounds
  • Adjustable mounting rails
  • Integrated wheels
  • Easy to assemble
  • Rather sturdy and durable
  • The height can be adjusted without taking the saw off
  • Pricey
  • Inconvenient arms

4. DEWALT DWX724 Miter Saw Stand

DEWALT DWX724 Stand ReviewThe DEWALT DWX724 compact miter saw stand fairly similar to the Bora PM-4000. The DWX724 is a little more expensive and sturdy, as evidenced by its thicker build. This stand seems like a better option for applications that require precise cuts.

The weight capacity of the DEWALT DWX724 is 500 pounds. However, given the sturdier extension arms that accept up to 10 ft. pieces, the DEWALT unit is going to be a better option for longer material. The heavy-duty work stops at the ends of the arms are also remarkable – they can be positioned anywhere along the arms, allowing for length adjustment without touching the arms themselves.

The DWX724 is very light as well, weighing just 29.8 pounds. And when folded, it’s only 8 inches tall and 44 inches wide, allowing for convenient storage and transport. The miter saw mounts here also are universal, so you should be able to get this thing working with most miter saws out there.

Product Features:

  • Weight capacity of up to 500 pounds
  • Work stops that may be positioned anywhere along the arms
  • Universal saw mounts
  • Sturdy and stable
  • Fairly lightweight
  • Compact and space-efficient
  • The work stops are wobbly

5. DEWALT Miter Saw Stand DWX723

DEWALT DWX723 ReviewThe DEWALT DWX723 heavy-duty miter saw stand is the longer version of the DWX724. The overall design is nearly identical, but the DWX723 is longer and more suitable for large workpieces. Given the similarities, this mitre saw stand is also great for jobs that require accurate cuts.

With the arms fully extended, the DWX723 miter saw stand supports up to 16 feet material. And thanks to its weight capacity of 500 pounds, this unit should be able to withstand any combination of the saw and material you throw at it.

The DEWALT DWX723 is just a tad heavier than the DWX724 as well – 35 pounds. It shouldn’t be much more difficult to transport. However, the DWX723 heavy-duty stand is noticeably longer when folded – 70 inches – so it’s going to be less storage-efficient. Other than that, the DWX723 is very similar to its smaller brother – among the shared features of the two units are the adjustable work stops and the universal saw mounts.

Product Features:

  • Takes up to 16 feet long workpieces
  • Adjustable work stops
  • Universal saw mounts
  • Sturdy
  • Great material capacity
  • Quite light, just 35 pounds
  • Not too bulky
  • Wobbly work stops

6. DEWALT Miter Saw Stand DWX725B

DEWALT Work Stand DWX725BIf you don’t need several feet of material support, then this compact unit by DEWALT maybe one of the best option for you. It’s again sturdy and is great if you need to cut easily and accurately. However, the DWX725B stand is very different. The biggest difference of the DWX725B from other DEWALT miter saw stands is the absence of extendable arms.

This means that material support is limited by the 36-inch width of the saw. The limited material capacity of this unit isn’t necessarily a problem if you will be working mostly with shorter pieces. If you ever need to cut something bigger, you will need to use additional supports.

Remarkably, this is claimed to support up to 1,000 pounds of weight. This sounds a little overkill since you can’t possibly put 1,000 pounds on the DWX725B. This unit should have more than enough oomph for the miter saw and workpieces it can fit.

Weighing 15.4 pounds, the DEWALT DWX725B is also very easy to carry. Aside from that, it’s very compact, especially when folded – the folded width and height of this thing are just 36 and 7 inches, respectively! This unit is also fairly inexpensive, so if you are on a tighter budget, it may be the right choice.

Product Features:

  • 36 inches of workpiece capacity
  • 1,000 pounds of weight capacity
  • Not too pricey
  • Very lightweight and portable
  • Strong and durable
  • Only supports up to 36 inches of material

7. Toughbuilt Miter Saw Stand TB-S600

Toughbuilt TB-S600 ReviewAnd the last option on our list of the best miter saw stands is the Toughbuilt TB-S600 miter saw stand. This is quite a functional and convenient unit that’s on par with the more expensive DEWALT units. You could expect this stand to make great and easy cuts to your job site.

TB-S600 features a foldable frame that’s designed to make fold up and set up a little bit easier. The folding mechanism isn’t as fancy as in the Bosch saw stand, but it’s more than good enough to do its job.

In terms of material capacity, this stand is solid – with its arms fully extended, it supports up to 10 feet workpieces. It also has adjustable work stops at the ends of the arms, but Toughbuilt doesn’t provide info on the max height for them.

The TB-S600 also has quick-release mounts that should be able to take most of the miter saws available out there. The integrated spare parts tray is also a nice feature, but it’s not a must-have. If we were to compare this stand with others on our list, we’d say that it’s similar to the Bosch unit we’ve reviewed at the very beginning. This thing should be as easy to fold and be generally as convenient.

Product Features:

  • 10 feet of material capacity
  • Easy to fold frame
  • Quick-release tool mounts
  • Rubber wheels
  • Integrated spare parts tray
  • Easy to transport
  • Foldable and space-efficient
  • Sturdy and stable build
  • Pricey

Buying Guide

Did you know that you can convert a mini or compact circular saw to a miter saw? If this happens, you can also use our reviewed stands for those types of miter saws. Anyway, come to the point, Not only do you have to buy the absolute best miter stand on the market, but you need to buy the best miter stand for your money and your needs.

And to do this, you should try to buy the miter saw stand that has the right features for your projects. So, let’s take a look at the features that you should pay attention to while shopping for a stand.

Material Capacity

Perhaps the most important thing to look for in a miter stand is its material capacity – that is, the maximum length of material that it can take. There’s no right capacity in stands – whatever you are working with most of the time should be the basis of your decision.

If most of your workpieces are, say, 10 feet long and under, then there’s no reason to go for something like the Bosch T4B stand with its 18 ft. of material capacity. Aside from length, you may want to pay attention to the maximum height that the work supports at the ends of the stand adjust to. These will matter, especially with thicker workpieces.

Extension Arm Durability

Most miter saw stands have extendable arms that allow you to adjust the length of the support surface. Technically, the arms may allow for up to, say, 12 ft. of material, but they won’t necessarily be strong enough for those 12 feet. Weaker extension arms will bend and thus won’t quite be able to do their job. This will probably happen more often with the cheaper miter saw stands.

Nonetheless, you would have to use some supports to keep the extension arms level. With weaker arms, you would probably want to stay away from their maximum length and work with shorter workpieces. If you are mostly working with long material, then you might want to look for a miter stand with more durable arms.

When shopping online, you can’t test the arms out to see how sturdy they are. Well, your best bet would be to read some user reviews to see how the desired miter saw stand has worked for others.

Weight Capacity

The weight capacity of a miter saw stand is also quite important. There’s only so much weight a miter stand could take, and you better make sure that you buy a unit that’s going to withstand your tools.

There are two things for you to consider – the weight of your miter saw when fully assembled and the weight of the heavier workpieces you will be working with. As long as the desired saw’s weight capacity is greater than the combined weight of your tools and materials, you should be good.

You would probably want to get a stand that has a little headroom in weight capacity. Besides, while moving the work-piece through the blade, you’ll be placing some of your weight onto the stand, so the headroom is certainly welcome.


The vast majority of mitre saw stands available out there are foldable. What matters here is what kind of a folding mechanism the desired miter saw employs. For most people, the good-old manual-folding will probably suffice. Most miter saws out there are intended to be folded manually.

While this isn’t the most time-efficient way of folding, the absence of complex folding mechanisms makes manual-folding saws more compact. On the other hand, you have fancy things such as the Gravity-Rise system in the Bosch Gravity-Rise T4B stand or pneumatic folding mechanisms like in the DEWALT DWX726.

The Gravity-Rise could be a better choice if you travel a lot and if every second is important to you.

DWX726’s pneumatic mechanism, on the other hand, would be more suitable for adjusting the height of the stand with the miter saw on top. The DWX726 would be better, for example, if you have a heavy duty saw that would be more convenient to mount on top of the stand while it’s folded and closer to the ground.


Some miter stands would have wheels as well, but which one would be the best miter saw stand with wheels? Well, it is the heavier stands that usually have wheels – these are difficult to carry and thus really benefit from the wheels.

Wheels are certainly nice to have, but if you won’t be moving your saw stand around often, then there’s no reason to overpay for wheels. Otherwise, you’d want your stand to have sturdy wheels. Typically, the wheels included with the stands are made from rubber and are durable enough for the entire lifetime of the stand.

So, you shouldn’t worry about the wheels too much, but paying attention to what kind of wheels a stand comes with is a good idea. We suggest that you avoid plastic wheels since these will most likely break from the weight of the saw and your workpieces.

We tried to avoid the blade discussion, as they are important no matter which miter saw you end up choosing. However, you should make sure that you read and learn about how to change dewalt miter saw blade – as it will definitely come handy.

Should You Buy A Miter Saw Stand?

Now, you might be thinking that you could save money by building your miter saw stand. It’s certainly nice to have a top-rated miter saw stand, but why bother? Well, there’s only so much precision you could achieve with a DIY miter saw stand.

Unless you have the tools to make a level and perfectly straight stand with, you should probably go for a commercially-made stand, even if it costs a little more. But if your jobs don’t require that much accuracy and if you want to save money, then, by all means, you could DIY a stand on your own.

Also, keep in mind that commercially-made miter stands will be much functional than the average DIY saw stand. Unless you are willing to invest the time and money, you won’t get fancy things like pneumatic folding systems or a tool mount that can take any miter saw.

Inexperienced saw buyers most likely won’t have the tools, time, and skills to build an accurate and stable stand with. And while you can save money and DIY a miter stand that will do what you want and nothing more, a commercially-made stand is likely a better option for you.

Final Words

Hope you enjoyed our article about the 7 best miter saw stands. Hopefully, we've given you a good idea to help you find the right stand. No matter what your budget is, remember that the best option for you is the stand that works for your projects. Once you understand what to look for, finding that best-rated miter saw stand should be a no brainer for you!

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