How to Change Blade on DeWalt Miter Saw

DeWalt has long been manufacturing table saws, miter saws, routers, drills, and much more in the woodwork industry. The usability and nature of the three different models of the Miter saw, namely, double-sided bevel, single bevel and sliding Miter-saw make it essential that you know how to change your blade on Dewalt miter saw.

There is a circular saw​ blade measuring 12-inches on each of these models, which, when dull, must be done with. We have used 3 things you could do or follow the short process, we describe below if you want to remove the blade. Either way, you will be successful, hopefully.

The most obvious things you will need to start with is unplugging the miter saw. We’ve seen dumdums who forget to do this most basic thing that can be potentially dangerous. Anyway, always remember to disconnect your tools or devices from electric sources when you are working to make changes.

There is a blade wrench on the back of the fence. Remove that first. There is a bolt holding the cover of the guard and the link of the guard. Using the driver’s end, make this bolt loose. Without removing this bolt, make it loose and elevated it just enough to let the guard cover come out. If you are able to raise the cover, keep doing that until you see the exposed blade bolt. Now that your guard is up tightened the loose bolt on the cover, and now you have your guard in a new position.

Look out for the spindle lock. You will find it opposite to the bolt on the blade. There should be a push point below your handle. It will depend on your model, but it should be nearby. Pressing the lock with one hand, rotate the blade with the other until it becomes still. Keep holding the lock, and using a wrench, make the bolt on the blade loose. After that, replace it with your new Miter saw blade selection.

Make the bolt tight and let your hands off the lock you have been holding. But there’s one thing that you seriously need to know, or you might do the opposite, naturally. The blade bolt on the DeWalt saw tightens backward and loosens forward. Previously, and in most cases, what we do is turn clockwise to tighten and anticlockwise to loosen. But things are different here, and you will get used to it if you are cautious at the start.

​Now, loosen the bolt holding the guard cover again. Bring it back to its old position and tightly secure the guard bolt. Time to try out the new blade!

​3 Key Points

Here’s what you could do otherwise:

  1. Take the protective shroud off. You can do the six steps mentioned earlier. But you can do better without the shroud. Unscrew everything holding it to the saw.
  2. All the screws holding the blade will be out in the open now, and you can see them. Loosen the supporting screws will you get to the one with the blade. There should be an index parallel to the disc, a button that prevents the axis from rotating. Press it down as you unscrew the main bolt if the blade comes off, fine enough. If you don’t use lubricants, you should not pressure or force.
  3. Now do everything you did in reverse, with a new blade. Take the blade, place it on the axis, parallel to the index, screw things back without too much tightening, or the balance will be off. Just the right amount and you are good to go!

​Why Should You Change Your Miter Saw Blade?

​It is like asking why you should change diapers on the baby. Of course, you must! With time the preinstalled, fine blade that you had will turn dull. Also, these are the reasons why:

  1. While working with wood on a miter saw stand or elsewhere, tear-out is a common thing to see on the cut edge. This is what happens when you don’t use a sharp blade. Sometimes, preinstalled blades don’t have many teeth as you would like. It has 32 of them, though, which is excellent for rip/rough cuts, not fine cuts. So for clean cuts minus the tear-out, you will need a new blade with double the teeth count or more.
  2. Melamine, PVC, Copper, Aluminum can be cut by a Miter saw other than good old wood. Though PVC can be cut with the rip blades, you’ll need to do better for cutting Melamine and Non-ferrous metals.
  3. The last and most obvious reason is aging. You might say you want to sharpen the blades, but honestly, it isn’t worth the time, expense, or effort, and eventually, you will need changing.


​1. Can I change my Miter saw blade with my table saw one?

​No. The best you can do is use your Miter saw stand for the table saw or vice versa, but no change in parts. Even if they look similar, each blade has its speed, purpose, and way of working. Some minor components may be interchangeable, not the blades. Needless to say, not even with your band saw.

​2. Does it matter if the blade isn’t in the right direction, and replaced as I wish?

Yes. The teeth will spin forward with the blade and must be so to cut wood. If it moves backward, you did it wrong.

3. What can I do to keep the blade working for long?

Keep it clean after work.

4. Can I cut laminated flooring using a miter saw?

Yes. But it will become dull quickly.


We hope this article will help you how to change the blade on Dewalt miter saw. Be cautious enough to do the whole thing wearing light protective gloves.

The new blades are sharp and may hurt you. Also, double-check the bolt on the blade and how well you secured it. Tighten the axis properly. Make sure that every knob lever and screw is back in the saw before you replug it to test, or there could be hazardous consequences.

Be safe ad alert throughout the process, and you will get a favorable outcome.

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