How to Cut Porcelain Tile Without Chipping

Last Updated on October 30, 2020

Porcelain tile is a great choice when it is about flooring. Porcelain tiles are really durable that everyone loves to use them to ensure longevity. But the fact is when you need to cut porcelain tiles, that could be a nightmare without the proper knowledge. Because it is too hard to cut like a regular tile.

You may ruin the tiles and that is not acceptable. So, before you are going to cut, you must know how to cut porcelain floor tile without chipping.

In this article, we are going to share different methods that would help you to get perfect results each time. At the same time, you will get to know if you can do it yourself or need someone else.

The regular tile is not durable enough for some areas where people move frequently. For instance, in your kitchen, you may have to spend enough time and there would be gathering several times. So, picking regular tile won't be the very best idea. Instead, you should go for the porcelain material. The material is known from the ancient because of its sturdiness and longevity.

Porcelain is a particular type of ceramic and it is used to be denser. The ceramic may come in both glazed and unglazed but glazed one is common for tile. The clay used in tile has great quality and ready to take a heavy load.

Can You Cut Porcelain Tiles Yourself?

Most newbies wonder if they can cut a porcelain tile themselves. Well, if you have the proper knowledge and have the right tools in hand, you can do it yourself. Just make sure you are following the safety cautions and don't do hurry. Moreover, here we are going to share the details that might help you to do it perfectly.

Top 4 Methods for Cutting Porcelain Tile Without Chipping

Different methods are suitable to cut porcelain tiles. But the fact is, only few methods can ensure there will be no chipping. Here are top 4 methods that you should follow –

1. Cutting the Tile with Manual Hand Tool

Manual tile cutter may take much time to cut a small portion, but the result would be satisfactory. Using manual hand tools is the best way to cut porcelain tile without chipping when you can’t afford fancy tools.

You may apply multiple hand tools to cut the tile. But the best way is to use a tile nipper. Especially when you need a circular cut in the tile. Cutting those areas is difficult with other tools such as a wet cutting saw.

To achieve a perfect cut, you must use a marking on the area. Use a pencil and a scale to draw the area. Draw the line according to the edges where you are going to apply the nipper. Now place the nipper on the center and apply enough pressure on the line. If applied good pressure, the area will cut off from the tile.

You may have to wait enough to cut a small area. But the process is good. Just don't hurry and apply pressure gently. Also, be careful about the marking because the wrong selection of the area could destroy the tile. Once the small piece came off from the tile, apply a rub brick on the edges to make it smooth as the edge could be sharp.

Consider a durable hand tool to have a precise cut with accuracy.

2. Cutting Porcelain Tile with an Angle Grinder

Using an angle grinder, a tile could cut into different styles. An angle grinder is suitable for both straight and circular cut. With an aggressive disc, the tool makes the process easier. Especially when a particular shape is required, the tool does amazing.

Like the manual hand tool, here you also have to mark the area where to cut. For instance, if it is for the pipe fitting in the bathroom, mark the circular area. Start the grinder and start applying on the mark lining. Do small cuts each time you pass the tool.

Gradually go-ahead to cut the tile without chipping. Once the cut is done, check the edges if they are well-finished. You may have to pass the grinder again in some areas. Now apply an abrasive wheel to sharpen the edges.

3. Cutting Porcelain Tile with a Wet Saw

When it comes to fast operation, a wet saw could have the best performance. The benefit is, after the cut, the edges remain clean and well-finished. Though the process looks pretty hard, it is actually easy if the right procedure followed. The cut looks very professional and there is no chance of chipping the porcelain tile. However, it is crucial to follow the safety cautions when using a wet saw.

Now, mark the area where you want to cut the tile. Start the wet saw and move the tile gradually according to the line. Remember that you don't need to hurry. Just be slow and move the tile according to marking. Wet saw cut may not keep uneven edges. Still, you may apply some abrasive to smooth the edges.

In a similar process, you may also use a diamond wet saw that excellently give straight cut. You don't even have to wait to cut the porcelain ceramic tile.

4. Waterjet Tile Cutter for Porcelain Tile

Waterjet technology is a relatively advanced method of cutting hard things. Like any rough thing, it could also do an amazing job for porcelain tile. However, you may not get a waterjet at home. The tool is very common in industrial usages and requires prior experience.

But if you could manage the waterjet tile cutter, it could give the best performance compared to other methods. The process is simple and effective that there is no chance of chipping. Moreover, it won’t take much time and keep the edges smooth.

To use a waterjet tile cutter, mark the area where the cut is required. Now pass the waterjet nozzle according to the marking. Go slow and cut gradually. However, waterjet best suits for a straight cut but not for a circular cut.

Final Words

Now you exactly know how to cut porcelain tiles without chipping. Go and grab the right tool that you like to use. If you can't afford some fancy porcelain tile cutting tools, no issues! You should simply pick a manual tile cutter. That may not give a fast operation, but it would do the job. Also, there is no need for any expert help. If you are smart enough, it won't cause any chipping or anything else.

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