How to Wrap an Axe Handle with Leather – 8 Easy Steps

Last Updated on January 12, 2021

An axe could be the best tool for cutting something heavy. Depending on the purpose and the object, the style of the axe would vary. Regardless of the purpose of this amazing tool, proper gripping is mandatory. For instance, if you are going to cut a stack of wood pieces, and you are thinking of using bushcraft axes, it could be tough to keep the gripping tight.

To make the process smooth, the best thing someone could do is wrapping the axe handle with leather. You may try fabric, but that won't be sustainable. So, you must have knowledge about wrapping the axe handle with leather.

This article is going to describe the step-by-step process of wrapping the handle of axes for bushcraft and similar things.

There are different leather handle wrapping techniques and each one has a different style. here we are going to share the process that anyone can follow easily. Before starting the process, gather the essential tools – a good piece of leather (larger size), hammer, finishing nail, measurement ribbon, yarn, leather cutting scissor, and needle.

To wrap the whole handle of an axe, you need to go for multiple steps. Go for the following steps and it would be done easily –


The first thing you need to do is measure the axe handle or the area on the handle that you want to wrap. For this, use a measurement ribbon and find the length of the area and the width of the area. Multiply the length and width and that will give the calculation in square feet.

Step 2:

Now that you have the exact measurement for the handle, you can start cutting the leather. Again, the leather needs to be large enough so that it can cover the whole area. Mark the area of the leather according to the handle measurement. Draw lines surrounding the leather piece and keep it a bit larger than the area of the axe handle.

Step 3:

Take a good quality leather scissor that can cut through the leather smoothly. Now cut the leather piece according to the drawn line on it. Be slow and steady and cut off the extra part from the leather and go for Step 4.

Cutting leather with scissor

Step 4:

Wrap the cut leather on the handle and check if the leather can hold the handle properly. It might have some extra parts. If it fits properly, you can go for Step 5. Otherwise, cut the extra length from the leather.

Step 5:

Now draw small dots on the leather in an equal distance where you will make holes for the needle to wear its yarn. Draw the same dots on the opposite sides. At this point, maintaining an equal distance is important as the finishing of the wrapping depends on it.

Step 6:

Take the finishing nail and place it on a dot and tap with the hammer. Make sure that you are giving enough force so that it could make a hole with a single tap. Repeat this process for each of the dots that you have drawn on the leather. When tapping with the hammer, keep something durable under the leather so that it can take the pressure.

Step 7:

Now place the leather piece on the axe handle and wrap it to the handle. Take the needle and wear the yarn on it. Now start from the bottom and start closing the holes by putting yarn. We suggest using cross knitting on the leather so that it can hold the leather tightly.

Step 8:

Continue the knitting process and do it slowly. After each step, make sure the leather is closing tightly. After the final knit, cut the yarn from the needle, use a little fire to have a smooth finishing in the knitting.

These are all Steps that require to wrap an axe handle with leather. Whether it is a bushcraft axe or an ordinary axe, you can apply the same method to wrap the handle. However, after giving the process a smooth finishing, you must have to try using the product. At this point, you need to identify if any of the leather wraps come off from the handle.

For extra security and long-lasting performance, you can use glue inside the leather. Strong glue would help to sync the leather on the handle with better finishing.

What Are the Benefits of Leather on the Handle of Axe?

Are you wondering why people often use leather on the axe handle? Well, there are several benefits of wrapping an axe handle with leather.

  • Leather looks classy on an axe handle
  • It provides more gripping power while cutting an object
  • There is less chance of accidental move from the axe
  • No matter if you are sweating, it won't slip off from the hand
  • Leather wrapping lasts for years

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Where to find loose leather?

You can visit local stores or online stores to find good quality leather pieces. But the best way is to visit any cobbler shop and check different types of leathers and pick one.

Do I need to use expensive leather for wrapping the handle?

Not at all! You can do it with simple leather. The only considerable thing is how the leather feels in your hand. If you find it comfortable and have better gripping, go for it.

What is the alternative of leather to wrap an axe handle?

Yes, you can use Paracord to wrap an axe handle. However, the finishing needs to be perfect to have better gripping.

Final Verdict

We hope, after finishing this article, you won't ask again how to wrap an axe handle with leather. Follow the steps as described in this guide and it will be done without any hassle. However, if you never have done something like this, at the first attempt, the finishing may not be up to the mark. So, try to keep patience and just go for it.

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