What Are Drill Presses Used for?

Tools have made our life easier. Now in our daily life, we use different types of tools for completing a variety of tasks with less effort and within a short time. Professionals' works also became easy with tools. Among various tools, the drill press is the most common thing, which is known as a power tool.

The tool was invented more than 100 years ago, and still, people are using it. The benefit of using a drill press is, you can perform a variety of tasks with the same tool. If you are new to this tool and would like to know what are drill presses used for, this article is going to help you a lot.

As the name suggests, a drill press is mainly used for drilling on an object. It can be anything from wood to metal. The drill bit that attached to the machine can easily go through an object with high pressure. Modern drill presses are electrically powered and easy to use. Based on the size of the bit, it can make small to the larger hole easily. However, you don't have to limit yourself only to creating holes. Instead, it can be used for some other works.

6 ​Most Common Usages of Drill Presses

​1. Drilling Holes

This was the main purpose of this tool when first invented. For various purposes, you may have to create a hole on an object. If you use a traditional handheld drill machine, that won't have much power to create a larger hole. Also, when you have to repeat the work for more objects and have less time, drill presses will be a blessing. With electric power, it can easily create a hole in anything.

The task is very simple to do that anyone can perform it. Just aim for the right area and press the drill in that area and get the hole. By changing the bit, you can make small or larger holes. Usually, when you buy a new drill press, it will provide some additional accessories with it. Based on the type of your project, you can change the accessories.

​2. Woodworking

Woodcraft is a popular thing that sometimes people do as their hobby and sometimes as a professional. In both cases, drill presses are great for smooth and perfect finishing. Woodworking is now too easy with this tool. Carpenters widely use drill presses to make a hole on the object. This is essential as you may want to join two parts.

The advantage of using drill presses for woodworking is, you can polish the object with drill press too. Regardless of the size of the wood, you can easily apply the tool. In case you are using a large wooden object, you may have to use a large table for installing the drill press. Drill presses used to come with a handlebar which helps to control the movement of the drill similar as manual tile cutter.

​3. Work with Metal

​Like woodworking, drill press for metalworking​ is also common. This became easy with drill presses. Once upon a time, it was too much difficult to make a hole on a metal object. Traditional handheld drills can moderately work on metal. But because of less power, the finishing won't be smooth. With electric drill presses, you can have enough power to complete the task without any hassle.

No matter even if you need to create a larger hole. Just create a simple hole first and then make it larger gradually. However, you may have to combine some additional tools with the drill press for making the work easier. Also, the bit needs to be heavy to go through into metal.

​4. Tapping

Once you have made a large hole in an object like metal, you may need tapping. The good news is; you don't need an additional tool for it. Using your drill press, you can do tapping on the object. Tapping is important for metalwork as you need to maintain the alignment with the main hole. Tapping requires a different shaped bit instead of a common drill. It can be in the roller shape with a sharpened tip. You need to be careful about drill-press measurements when tapping on metal.

​5. Screwing and Unscrewing

Yes! You have heard, right. You can do screwing and unscrewing easily with your drill press. We’re not talking about the small screws that you can easily remove with a screwdriver. This is for something bigger which screw you can't unscrew just with your hand force. A drill press will do this task within seconds. Also, the drill press is good for screwing larger screws.

​6. Sanding

Sanding may need any kind of craft, whether it is wood or metal. Especially when you have crafted a small thing, it requires polishing and sanding before using it. According to the object you are using, the sandpaper needs to pick. Now, connect the object with your drill press, start the drill press, and apply the sandpaper with hand. Within the shortest possible time, the sanding will be done. Similarly, you can polish woodcrafts easily.


We hope you now know why drill presses are used and why you should buy one for you. Compared to modern tools, the drill press is the thing that can perform a large number of things. The best thing is, you don't need to switch between tools for a single project.

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