What Does a Sandblaster Do – Know the Details of Sandblaster

Once upon a time, people used to take help from different small tools to complete a larger project. But in the current world, some amazing tools can perform a wider range of works within a short time. Also, they are easy to use and sometimes don't require much expertise. A sandblaster is one of the greatest tools that are related to cleaning a surface and making it ready for further works.

People have an interest in this tool, and they want to know what does a sandblaster does. In this article, we’re going to cover what you can do with this amazing tool.

There is a misconception that sandblaster only use sands for abrasive blasting. The reality is, this tool uses some other materials too. Depending on the object where you are going to apply, the abrasive may vary. Common abrasives that use in a sandblaster are coal slag, steel grift, dry ice, crushed glass, walnut and coconut shells, and more. These materials work in the same process.

What are the Basic Things Can Be Done with Sandblaster?

The basic work of a sandblaster is the cleaning and preparing surfaces for further works. Professionals from different fields can use this tool. This tool most suits to machinists, woodworkers, auto mechanics for sandblasting works. However, if someone knows the details and gain expertise, can use this tool for a wide range of purposes.

The Most Common Uses of a Sandblaster

1. Cleaning Tools

Homeowners love to keep every essential tool at home. But the problem is when they keep the tool in the same place without using it, and the tool becomes dirty. Sometimes it can get rust and become unusable. The good news is, using a sandblaster, anyone can clean the tools entirely. However, this is most applicable to metal tools. For example, if you have a good quality torque wrench, hedge trimmer, impact sockets, screwdrivers, etc. at home, you can easily keep them clean. People widely use sandblaster for cleaning construction tools.

2. Paint and Rust Removal

Though I have mentioned that sandblaster has different usages, one of the common use you will see is using it for paint and rust removal. For example, you are going to work on an old metal object, but it does have rust. You can't use the metal object when it contains rust. You can simply remove the rust using a sandblaster. Just gather the essential sandblasting equipment and apply it for removing the rust. Similarly, you can also remove paint from an object with a sandblaster. This is so useful for professional or industrial works.

3. Shaping Small Parts

Sandblaster gives high pressure on the object for the works. So, you can easily use this tool to shape some small parts. Sometimes you will find a small part of something that needs reshaping. You may want to attach something with metal, but if there is not enough space, you can't do it. That is the point when you can use the tool for shaping the part. This won't take much effort. Just select the area where you want to give a new shape and apply it with the sandblaster. However, it is not that easy at seems. It would be best if you had the expertise to use the tool in the right way without destroying the essential parts.

4. Street Cleaning

Cleaning an old street is possible with sandblasters. The high pressure from the tool easily removes the dust even it is too old. This is effective for streets, walkways, footpaths, and other areas. You can connect the sandblaster with a best-rated air compressor for cleaning. However, all kinds of streets or walkways are not appropriate for cleaning with the tool. The way that you want to clean should be made of concrete. Because concrete can take the heavy load, and no problem occurs when high pressure is given on it. It is not uncommon in larger cities. They usually hire an expert who can complete the task without any harm to the street.

5. Art Design

Yes! You have heard, right. You can use a sandblaster for art design. Maybe you have noticed that some of the concrete walls, street, or any other area has art which seems like someone used a knife to draw the art. The reality is, you can't make a large art with some small tools. Tools like sandblaster are the appropriate thing for this. Expert artists used to draw art on metal, wood, glass, and on some similar things using a sandblaster.

Do You Need to Wear Safety Gear?

Yes, you must wear safety gear when working with the tool. As you know, this simple tool will create heavy pressure with some abrasive material. If it hit your body, you can fall in danger. It is recommended to use the right cloth, eye gear, and gloves when working with the tool.


Now you know what a sandblaster does. However, besides the above purposes, this tool is appropriate for some other works too. It actually depends on the user what he wants to do with the tool.

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