What is an Arbor Press Used for?

Like a woodworking drill press, Arbor press is also a small hand-operated press which multiplies the leverage using gearing. There are a lot of small tasks that can be done by an arbor press. They are suitable for small works such as installations, bearing removing, etc. There were designed to tackle such small jobs.

Anyways, are you curious to know what an arbor press is? What is an arbor press used for? Then you have come to the right place. We have seen many people asking about arbor press since this machine is not widely used everywhere. However, in this very guide, we have shown what exactly an arbor press is and how they actually work.

So, without any further ado, let’s get started with it!

As we mentioned above, Arbor press is a medium-sized handheld machine and works that requires slow and constant pressure, an arbor press can do the work. All you have to make sure is, the throat of the arbor press is compatible with the material you will be working on. If that suits good, you are good to go. But do not force it if the arbor press throat is not compatible, otherwise, you will end up harming the lifespan of the machine.

However, arbor presses are widely used in leather works, such as cutting off shapes with the help of dice.

Arbor presses are quieter, and this is a great bonus point for leather workers or jewelers who work from home. If you don’t have an arbor press, then you will require a hammer to create pressure, and constant hammering not only irritates your family member but your neighbors as well. And that is exactly where arbor presses come into play. You can easily do all your tasks smoothly with, no noise at all.

For embossing logos, making holes in leather material, some metal works, reloading ammunition, these works also can be done by an arbor press. Not only that, for fitting bearings to something, or removing bearings from somewhere arbor presses does a great job. Metalworkers use arbor press for bending metals into different shapes using different jigs. People who do repetitive jobs like making holes, replicating cutouts, setting rivets, arbor press is their best friend since it makes the process way too less boring and faster.

How Does an Arbor Press Works?

There is a right handle which rotates a pinion cog from inside the machine. And when pull down the handle that pressurizes the internal gear to turn along with the toothed rack. And that delivers good pressure to the material underneath the ram. This is exactly how an arbor press works.

And how much pressure the machine will deliver that depends on the amount of the teeth and their diameter. The pressure depends on the pulling range of the lever as well, the more you can pull, the harder pressure the machine will give.

The pressure is measured as ton rating, and you will find arbor press machines from half of the ton to 10 top. 10 ton is the most powerful one.

How to Maintain Your Arbor Press for Longer and Efficient Service?

Whether it is an arbor press or metal lathe or any other leatherworking tool, maintenance is a must for any machine. The difference is some require higher maintenance and some low. However, the arbor machine won’t require much maintenance if it is used right. So, learn to use the machine properly, and you will get served well. Anyways, below we are showing some arbor press maintenance tips which you can implement to ensure a long lifespan of the machine.

  • Every time before and after using the machine, take a look at it and make sure it is properly lubricated. Less lubrication causes big damage to machines and also remember to use a fine quality light machine oil. Go for reputed brands; they might be a little expensive, but the quality will worth it.

  • After every use, try to clean off the dust and debris. You can do that after every couple of days, but that will depend on the environment. If you work in a dusty area, then cleaning regularly will be a wise decision. You can easily vacuum clean the machine, but if you don’t have one, wipe cleaning can also be done, though that is a little tiring.

  • Always inspect the ram from the side by side and front to back deeply. Sometimes that gets loosen, which causes further damage to the machine. And checking this way is the best to look for any loosen part that requires tightening.


A drill press and arbor press, these two are quite close to each other. Both are designed for smaller jobs and can be used by DIYers, amateurs, and professionals as well. There is a lot of use of an arbor press machine. However, we hope now you have enough idea about what is an arbor press is used for. We have added how they work and how you can maintain a healthy life of your arbor machine. We hope that helps somehow!

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