AWeber Review (2024) – Most Important Pros and Cons…

AWeber Review for 2024

Pros and cons of this email marketing software

AWeber, a veteran email marketing provider and marketer since 1998, is used by more than a million users. Wondering if it still has that magic touch? Well, this AWeber review will answer all your questions.

I’ll talk about all the AWeber details – especially the advanced features, pros and cons, pricing templates, integrations and much more. I’ve tested it, so you don’t just get statistics; you get real review.

aweber logo

Is email marketing software good, and can it handle today’s marketing needs?

Here is a brief summary of this AWeber review.

⏰ AWeber review quick summary

AWeber is a reliable and user-friendly email marketing tool.

Key highlights include:

  • AWeber is designed for easy navigation, suitable for users of all levels

  • They offer a free plan.Β It’s a budget-friendly option to send emails

  • The drag-and-drop editor simplifies the newsletter creation process

  • Integrates smoothly with over 759 third-party apps, including Zapier

  • Some templates are reserved for paid plans, still many to choose.

In summary, AWeber is a solid and cost-effective choice for email marketing, catering to various business sizes. πŸ’Œ

What is AWeber?

what is aweber

AWeber, your email marketing software, that allows you to:

  • Create a mailing list and segment all email addresses

  • Design and send newsletters to your list subscribers

  • Automate your email marketing campaigns with autoresponders

  • View statistics and reports of all sent email marketing campaigns

Founded in 1998 by Tom Kulzer, AWeber is the trusted choice for more than 120,000 individuals and businesses.Β While AWeber may be smaller than the top companies such as Mailchimp and GetResponse, it boasts advanced features and a dedicated user base, making it a reliable and well-established player in the field.

AWeber pros and cons

Wondering what pros and cons, AWeber has? πŸ€”

Here’s what we noticed during our detailed testing of this email marketing tool.

AWeber pros

  • Free plan: AWeber’s free plan allows you to build landing pages

  • More than 600 email templates: You can choose from hundreds of email templates, or use the Smart Designer to build your email from a web URL.

  • 24/7 live chat support: You can enjoy round-the-clock live chat support, even on the free plan, along with an international telephone help.

  • User-friendly drag and dropeditor: The super easy drag-and-drop email editor allows you to create great-looking newsletters and landing pages.

  • Over 750 integrations: You can connect seamlessly with over 750 third-party services, enhancing your workflow and efficiency.

AWeber cons

  • Only basic automation: Email automation features are fairly basic, lacking a visual workflow editor and advanced conditions.

  • Charge for unsubscribed contacts: Hosting unsubscribed contacts incurs a fee, adding a cost element to your account.

  • English-only customer support: Customer support is available only in English, potentially limiting accessibility for non-English speakers.

  • Landing page builder limitations: The builder don’t have A/B testing and a GDPR-compliant for using Facebook pixels or Google Analytics cookies.

AWeber features

AWeber offers many advanced features that support email marketing services. Here are the most important ones:

  • List Management: Easy import and host mailing lists

  • Email Templates: Access diverse, responsive email templates

  • Email Automation: Set autoresponders and automated campaigns

  • Analytics: Robust reporting for campaign insights

  • A/B Testing: Optimize with split testing features

  • Content Conversion: Convert RSS feeds content to emails

  • Segmentation: Target audiences with list segmentation

  • Landing Page builder: Build custom landing pages

  • Support: Assistance via phone, email, and live chat

  • Integrations: Connect seamlessly with third-party apps

  • Ecommerce Features: Basic tools for ecommerce campaigns

  • Scalability: You can add unlimited users to your account

Let’s now check each feature in detail. 🀠

AWeber dashboard

aweber dashboard

AWeber’s dashboard is very easy to use. Everything is organized, so finding what you need is child’s play. The design is clear and simple, so you don’t waste time thinking about it. This is a big plus, as any beginner will be able to handle this email marketing tool.

Email marketing campaigns

The main feature of this software are definitely email marketing. AWeber keeps things simple with its menu on the left side, and if you’re all about crafting and sending emails, just head to the ‘Messages’ section.

Ready email templates

When it comes to building emails in AWeber, they’ve got you covered with customizable templates – over 600 of them, sorted into 17 different categories. That’s a ton of options to suit various styles and needs.

aweber email templates

Let’s talk about the templates – they’re decent, not the flashiest I’ve seen, but with such a vast selection, you’re likely to find something that fits your vibe. They keep it pretty straightforward and user-friendly.

Now, here’s where it gets interesting – the Smart Designer. This feature lets you build your own custom templates from a web page you like. It’s like magic; just paste the URL, click ‘Create,’ and boom, you’ve got a range of templates to choose from. It’s quick, automatic, and honestly, couldn’t be simpler.

aweber smart designer feature test

So, imagine you find a cool webpage with the perfect look for your brand. With the Smart Designer, turning that into a newsletter is a breeze. It’s a neat way to make your emails stand out and match your style effortlessly.

Drag and drop email builder

AWeber gives you three ways to whip up your emails:

  • a drag-and-drop editor,

  • a plain text editor,

  • and an HTML editor.

The plain text one is for super simple, no-frills emails – just words, no fancy stuff.

Now, the HTML editor has a cool split personality. One side is a WYSIWYG editor, meaning what you see is what you get. The other side lets you dive into the HTML code if you’re into that.

But let’s get real – most people signing up for AWeber are probably interested in working in the drag-and-drop editor. This is the one where you customize templates, add your stuff, and best of all, you don’t have to be a coding expert.

aweber drag and drop email editor

AWeber drag-and-drop editor is very good. It works with ready-made content blocks called Elements. Just click and drag them where you want. The way they organize these blocks into rows makes playing with layouts a breeze.

Now, they’ve got some blocks for eCommerce too. Like the product block – perfect if you’re selling products online. If you’re an Etsy aficionado, AWeber makes it even simpler. Once you link your Etsy store, you can just pick a product, and boom, AWeber pulls in the image, text, and links for you.

And let’s not forget about the coupon block. This is a small-designed text block for uploading discount coupons. You can even customize the look to suit your style.

uploading discount coupons in aweber email editor

Each block has a lot of options. Click on one of them and you’ll see what I mean. The personalization is great – you can add names, locations, dates or other information from your database. The AWeber email editor is like an email design playground with lots of cool toys.

Responsive email designs

All AWeber email templates are responsive. This means that these templates automatically adjust their size to the device on which they are viewed. In a world where we’re glued to our smartphones and tablets, this isn’t just a feature, it’s a must! βœ‹

responsive emails preview in editor

And here’s a neat bonus – you can check how your email looks on mobile. There’s nothing complicated about it, just press the preview button, toggle the “mobile preview” switch and voila! You get a preview of how your e-newsletter will look on a smartphone.

Editing emails with Canva integration

AWeber gives you access to a huge library of more than 6,500 images. This isvery useful if you don’t have your own graphics.Β 

But here’s the real gem: AWeber’s integration with Canva! 🀩

canva integration in aweber

Canva is a free graphic design tool, and AWeber lets you go straight to it from your email editor. You can upload your photos, play with icons, illustrations, filters – anything.

canva graphic editor in aweber

Drag elements, change text, get creative. And best of all – when you’re done, just click “Save to AWeber” and your graphic will land directly in the email.

AWeber AI writing assistant

AWeber email marketing just leveled up by adding a super cool AI-powered writing assistant to its email editor.

ai writing assistant in aweber

Here’s the deal: you throw in a command or subject line and voilΓ ! The artificial intelligence from AWeber suggests ideas and content for emails.

AWeber AI writing assistant

How does it work? Well, it gives you these customizable prompts to start writing. You get pre-written snippets of introductions, promotions, summaries – everything. Add your company’s name or a special call to action, and the writing assistant customizes its results specifically for you.

I tested this feature and must say that it is very easy to use. The results? Quite impressive. AWeber’s AI writing assistant eliminates the trouble of creating engaging newsletters.

AWeber autoresponders

AWeber was a pioneer in email automation, especially with autoresponders. Remember when you sign up for a newsletter and get an instant welcome message? That’s what an autoresponder does. AWeber started with this simple idea and made it even better over time. πŸ€–

AWeber autoresponders

Now it’s not just about one-time messages. AWeber autoresponders can create chains of messages that are sent one after another. It’s like having a conversation with your recipients, but the best part is that it happens automatically.

AWeber offers 17 pre-made email templates that make the whole process easy. Whether you need a quick message or a series of staggered lessons, you have everything under control.

automation templates

But here’s the thing – AWeber’s autoresponders work in a straightforward line. One message after another with some time delays. It’s effective, but it doesn’t get into super fancy stuff.Β There is no if/then conditions and no advanced email automation.Β If you like such solutions, AWeber may not be the best choice for you.

However, where AWeber really shines is with tags. You can tag your contacts like a pro. It helps you keep things organized and separate your subscribers. Tags also play matchmaker between your email campaigns – adding a tag in one sequence can kick off another. It’s automation that’s simple, smart, and organized.

Marketing automation tools

Now let’s talk about marketing automation. While AWeber does well with autoresponders, the latest marketing automation tools such as GetResponse, and Omnisend are much more advanced.

In them, you can automate complex processes, configure all sorts of triggers and conditions, and create dynamic workflows.Β So, If you’re looking for more than just basic autoresponders, you may want to check out other platforms with more advanced automation features.Β AWeber is great, but if you need really advanced marketing automation you won’t find it here – sorry.

AWeber magic links

Now let’s talk about another great thing that AWeber has added to its email editor – it’s called “magic links.”

Here are the highlights: When you add a link while creating an email newsletter in AWeber, it transforms the link into a preview of its contents. This includes an image, a title and a small description.

aweber magic links

Why is this amazing? Well, it saves a lot of time. There is no need to deal with uploading images or thinking about the appearance of content blocks. All you have to do is post a link and AWeber takes care of the rest.

Opt-in process

A cool thing about AWeber is that it lets you decide how you want to deal with people joining your list.

You’ve got options: You can go for a single opt-in, where someone gets added right away after filling out a form. Or, you can choose the double opt-in route. That means users need to click a link in a confirmation email to finish joining.

Each method has its pros, and it’s nice that AWeber lets you pick what works best for you. Not every platform out there gives you this kind of choice, so it’s a handy feature that adds some flexibility to how you manage your subscribers.

Split (A/B) testing

Alright, let’s chat about split testing, or if you wanna be fancy – A/B testing.

Most e-mail tools make this task easy. You prepare several versions of an e-mail message with different content or subject lines. Then you send these versions to a small group from your list.

The magic happens when your email tool figures out which version is better and automatically sends that winner to the rest of your list.

creating split test in aweber

Now, with AWeber, you can test up to three versions of your email when you’re doing this split testing thing. And what’s cool is you’re not stuck testing just one thing against another, like subject lines or sender names. In AWeber you can mix and match, trying out different elements to find that perfect combo that your audience loves.

It’s like experimenting with flavors until you find the one everyone craves! 😎

AMP for email in AWeber

Let’s talk about another feature in AWeber – AMP for email. Now, AMP makes emails more interactive.

Think about your usual email routine. You get an email, and if you want to reply, you hit that Reply button, right? Or maybe you click a link that whisks you away to a website where you fill in forms or sign up for stuff. Now, with AMP emails, all of these actions can take place directly in the email itself!

Using AWeber AMP, you can add directly to the newsletter:

  • Feedback forms

  • Opinion widgets

  • Pools and quizzes

  • Product pages

It’s like making it easier for recipients to respond to calls to action – less hassle, more action. Cool, huh? πŸ˜„

AWeber landing page builder

Let’s dive into AWeber landing page builder.Β First off, they hand you 46 ready-made templates to choose from – pretty sweet, right? 🎨

aweber landing page templates

Now, these AWeber’s templates for landing pages (web pages), in my opinion, are a notch above their email and form templates. They’re eye-catching, colorful, and know how to use images well. Plus, they cover just about every reason someone might want to sign up for something:

  • Subscribing to newsletters

  • Blogs, and podcasts

  • Enrolling in courses

  • Payment plans

  • Events and webinars

  • Sales and special offers

  • Cowdfunding and donations

  • Consultations and coaching sessions

  • Opting into various things.

The cool thing about AWeber is that it maintains consistency. The drag-and-drop builder they use to create emails is itself for landing pages. It makes life easier, especially if you’re just getting started with designing your landing pages.

landing page editor

Now here’s a little twist – you can freely edit the signup forms. Every landing page template has a built-in signup form by default, but you can turn it into a pop-up form if you prefer that style.

Compared to the form editor, the landing page builder offers more layout options. It’s smoother to shuffle elements, giving you more control over how the form fits into the vibe of the entire page.Β 

And now the really cool part: AWeber landing pages are not just for show. You can also sell on them.Β You can throw in an order form that links to Stripe payments. Users can buy products or subscriptions directly from your landing or sales page, without having to go to another site.

Oh, and there’s this ‘Smart Content’ element. Paste a URL, and it pulls in content from other web pages. Super handy for things like featuring Facebook posts, showing Google Map locations, listing Shopify products, or streaming site’s RSS feed. It’s like a one-stop-shop for all your landing page needs.

List management

Adding your contacts into AWeber is a breeze. 🧐

Go to the Subscribers tab and look for the ‘Add Subscribers’ options.

Now you have two options: You can enter your subscribers’ data one by one, or, if you’re pressed for time, just drop them into a spreadsheet. AWeber even offers a free migration service if that’s your preference.

list management in aweber - import subscribers

However you choose to add your subscribers, here’s a nifty feature – you can confirm the opt-in. AWeber pays attention to this, and it’s a good thing. You can see that this email provider has taken the security of your data seriously.

confirm opt-in when importing subscribers

List segmentation

Alright, let’s talk about list segmentation in AWeber.

list segmentation

First stop, go to the Subscribers page. Once there, dive into the Search Option. Pick the criteria you’re after, hit save, and voila – you’ve got yourself a brand new segment.

Now, when you’re all set to send a broadcast, they’ll pop the question – ‘Who should get this message?’ That’s your cue to pick your segment.

AWeber’s got some handy segmentation tricks, especially for those just starting out. But, if you’re a seasoned email pro, you might find it a bit basic. You can filter by certain criteria, but there are some advanced options missing, like OR logic, creating segments that span lists, or sending to multiple segments at once.

Here’s the thing – there’s no magic button for automatic segmentation. But don’t worry, adding tags does most of the hard work. Just take an extra step and create a segment based on the selected tags.

Oh, and in AWeber, you can also slice and dice your contacts based on who opened and clicked on your emails. But when you look at the grand scheme, other email tools out there might offer a bit more variety in segmentation options. Still, AWeber’s got the basics down for getting your groups sorted.

Reporting and analytics

Alright, let’s talk about checking the reports and analytics of your email campaigns. AWeber offers some solid email analytics. You can keep an eye on the usual stats, such as open rates, web visits, click-throughs and rejections. But here’s the cool part – you can dig into some other useful information:

  • See how your lists are growing over time

  • Get the lowdown on where folks are signing up

  • Know where in the world people are opening your emails

  • See individual’s email history – past opens, clicks, everything.

Now a little note – some of the more sophisticated reporting features are available on “Plus” and “Unlimited” plans. These give you the VIP treatment with detailed audience analytics, sign-up page tracking, and email sales tracking reports.

In short, AWeber provides a solid overview of how your e-mail game is going. Depending on your plan, you’ll have enough data to be a master of your future e-mail campaigns.

AWeber integrations

Let’s talk about how this software connects with other apps.Β 

AWeber got over 759 integrations! 🀩

aweber integrations

These integrations open up a world of possibilities. You can integrate AWeber to all sorts of cloud-based solutions – think website builders like Wix or Shopify, CRM tools like HubSpot, landing page builders like Landingi, and reporting tools like a direct Google Analytics integration.

And if the 759 integrations offered by AWeber don’t satisfy your thirst, here’s the trick – integration with Zapier. This move adds another 4,000 integrations! 🀩

AWeber customer support

customer support

AWeber provides top-notch support. And now for the most interesting part – not every email marketing software offers both live web chat and good old telephone support. AWeber, does!

You’ve got four support options in total. Picture this: live chat that’s open 24/7, a help desk that takes calls from 8 am to 8 pm US Eastern Time, a treasure trove of info in their online knowledge base, and good standard email support.

So, if you’re a night owl or an early bird, live chat is available whenever you need it. And if you’re a more typical dial-up user, the help desk is at your disposal 12 hours a day. Plus, I like that they are adding an international number for phone support – a nice touch.

AWeber’s knowledge base is a goldmine. They’ve stacked it with hundreds of how-to articles and guides, neatly sorted into 18 categories. There’s also a handy search tool! πŸ”

Having options is a must, especially if you use a free plan. Whether you’re a do-it-yourselfer who loves delving into guides or someone who prefers a quick chat or phone call to get things in order quickly, AWeber’s support will keep you covered.

AWeber pricing plans

aweber pricing plans

Let’s talk dollars and sense – AWeber’s got four pricing plans:

  1. AWeber Free: Yep, you heard it right – a free plan. It gives you a taste of AWeber’s powers with a list of up to 500 subscribers.

  2. Lite: Starting at $14.99 per month, this one lets you go wild with unlimited emails to one list, no AWeber branding in newsletters and as many subscribers as you want.

  3. Plus: For $29.99 per month, the Plus plan takes it up a notch. Now, you’re sending unlimited emails to unlimited lists and subscribers. Fancy.

  4. Unlimited: This one comes with a solid $899 per month tag. But hey, it’s the whole shebang – unlimited emails to unlimited lists, subscribers and dedicated IP addresses. Plus, you get your very own account manager from the AWeber support squad.

AWeber pricing details

Now, a quick heads-up – all this talk about ‘unlimited subscribers’ comes with a fine print. If you hit the 100,000-subscriber mark on Lite or Plus, the fees can jump higher than what you’d pay for the Unlimited plan with personalized account management. If you find yourself in that boat, best give AWeber a shout to chat about your needs. US folks can hit them up directly; for the rest of us, there’s an option to book a call on the AWeber website.

And yes, there’s a free version too, as long as your email list is under 500 subscribers. Once you hit that limit, it’s time to dive into a paid plan.

Now, if you’re feeling the commitment vibes, paying annually can get you a sweet discount – around 16% to 33%. Plus, students and not-for-profit champs get a little extra love with some discounts.

Here’s the latest news – AWeber has changed its pricing game. Now, as you climb up the plans, you unlock more features. But fear not, even the free plan gives you a taste of AWeber’s goodies, though you might miss out on the full automation magic, detailed reports, and split testing. It’s like a buffet of options – you choose what suits your appetite.

Review summary and rating

aweber review, details, pricing, pros, cons, features, rating, 2024

The time has come for a final AWeber review and rating.

So what do we think about this email marketing tool? πŸ˜„

Full AWeber review rating

⭐ Rating πŸ“ Details

Easy of use: 4/5

AWeber is pretty user-friendly, but there's this tiny hiccup where you have to switch between lists, and it might throw you off a bit initially. Also, they use some terms that might make experienced folks scratch their heads – like, they call marketing automations 'Campaigns' and regular emails 'Broadcasts.' Weird, right? But once you get past that, the new interface design is a breeze to move around in.

Editor: 5/5

AWeber's editor is super easy to use, with a range of content blocks. The drag-and-drop feature for images and buttons between paragraphs is a time-saver. Now, they've got AMP for Email, letting you do things like add image carousels or signup forms for newsletters without leaving the email. Plus, pasting a link automatically turns it into a preview card – making featuring your content a breeze!

Ready templates: 4.5/5

They've got a nice bunch of templates that work well on all devices, and some even give you different color options. Now, they teamed up with Canva for extra design mojo, and you've got a load of stock photos from Unsplash to spice up your emails.

Value for money: 4.5/5

AWeber is a worthwhile choice. It includes powerful email marketing features, an easy-to-use interface and doesn't break the bank. Whether you're a small business or a big player, AWeber supports you without depleting your wallet. It's a smart and budget-friendly solution that gives you solid value for your money.

List management: 4/5

AWeber provides great list management feature. Handling new subscribers is very easy with automation features. For example, you can set a rule to automatically drop someone from one list after leaving another. Simple and effective management at your fingertips!

Email deliverability: 3/5

We were hoping for better results from AWeber, but the truth is, their track record on getting emails into inboxes hasn't been stellar. On the upside, we did notice some improvement lately.

Customer support: 4.5/5

The support team at AWeber is quick and friendly, no matter how you reach out. While their knowledge base is decent, I'd suggest going for email or online chat when you need help – it's just easier.

Marketing automation: 3/5

You can create triggered emails and build automated campaigns with AWeber, but there's a catch - it's only basic basic. You can set it up when someone registers or gets a certain tag. Then you can do things like send a message, add a tag or make them wait a bit. That's all - there are advanced automation features in AWeber.

Landing page builder: 3/5

AWeber landing pages templates are not only rich; they are even modern and professional. Customizing them is very simple. Plus, they're up to date with SEO and can handle payments in more than 100 currencies. They even have an e-commerce element that syncs with Stripe.

AWeber review summary

AWeber is a pretty solid email marketing tool. It may not be the absolute best on the market, but it’s reliable, affordable and user-friendly. It meets most of the requirements you would expect from a professional email marketing software.

What really attracts me to AWeber is its simplicity, cool web fonts, handy landing page builder, AMP for email (fancy, right?) and their solid customer support. Oh, and did I mention they have a generous free plan? Perfect for those with smaller lists who still want access to key features.

And let’s not forget the price – AWeber is very affordable, especially compared to other tools such as Campaign Monitor and iContact.

Now, to stay real, a few things might make me think twice. You are charged a fee for hosting unsubscribed contacts, and marketing automation is somewhat rudimentary. Also, you can’t send messages to multiple data segments at the same time, which may be a problem for some.

In short, AWeber is a solid choice, especially if you’re just starting out or don’t want to go over your budget. It has its little flaws, but every other tool has some too, right?Β I hope my AWeber review has helped you figure out if it’s going to be the right solution for you! 🧐

Frequently asked questions

Creating an AWeber account is quick and easy:

  1. Go to AWeber’s website.

  2. Click on “Sign Up for Free.

  3. Fill in your details and choose a plan.

  4. Set up your first email list.

  5. Confirm your email through the verification link.

  6. Log in to your new account and follow the setup wizard.

Congratulations! Your account is now ready for action. πŸ₯³

Absolutely! AWeber offers a free plan that you can use without shelling out any cash. With this plan, you get access to email templates and a handy drag-and-drop email editor to craft your newsletters. You can design snazzy sign-up forms and even whip up some landing pages. The only catch is, you’re limited to 500 contacts, and you can send up to 3000 emails each month.

AWeber has as many as 100,000 active customers worldwide. Since its launch in 1998, AWeber has helped more than a million people, both individuals and companies.

AWeber is like a superhero for beginners diving into email marketing or anyone keen on sending out newsletters. It’s wallet-friendly, super user-friendly, and packs all the essential marketing tools you’ll ever need. Plus, they have a free plan – a sweet offer to use the tool without spending money. If you’re running a business startup, a microbusiness, blogging, freelancing, or into digital creativity, AWeber’s your go-to. Now, for the big guns in larger businesses, some tools might feel a tad basic, but for the rest of us, it’s a winner!

Absolutely! AWeber is a legit email service provider. It’s a safe place for customer data, providing a secure and trustworthy space for subscribers. Your data is in good hands with AWeber.

AWeber offer both free and paid plans. If you’re planning to send more than 3000 emails each month, that’s when the paid plans kick in. Prices starts from at $14.99 a month. Check out all the pricing details here.

AWeber stands out in our opinion, offering user-friendly features, a generous free plan and excellent customer service. Its intuitive design and unique features make it especially attractive to beginners. Although Mailchimp is a strong competitor, AWeber’s strengths may make it a better choice.

Absolutely! AWeber has nothing against affiliate marketing. In fact, they told us that affiliate marketers are among their top 7 customer groups. So if you’re into affiliate marketing, AWeber is on your team!

Does AWeber offer email support?

Absolutely! AWeber offers responsive email support, ensuring users can easily reach out for assistance with any questions or concerns they may have.

Yes, AWeber offers a phone support team, ensuring users can easily reach out for assistance with any questions or concerns they may have.

Yes, AWeber offers a phone support team, ensuring users can easily reach out for assistance with any questions or concerns they may have.

AWeber alternatives

Alternative email marketing platforms for AWeber

Looking for other email marketing platforms?Β 

Here’s a list of the best AWeber alternatives:


ActiveCampaign shines with its potent automation and sleek registration forms, setting it apart from AWeber. Its flexible automation allows tailored workflows, while the modern forms add a touch of sophistication. ActiveCampaign’s stellar deliverability ensures your emails hit the mark.


MailerLite combines budget-friendliness with solid features and attractive designs. It’s not just about email marketing – MailerLite throws in a landing page editor for good measure. With a user-friendly interface, it’s a smart choice for those who want value without sacrificing functionality.


GetResponse steps up with a advanced email marketing solution, a robust sales funnel, top-tier automation and awesome landing page builder. It’s more than an email tool, offering advanced design and testing. Perfect for businesses wanting boost thier email marketing strategy, GetResponse is versatile and powerful.

4.8/5 - (26 votes)

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