Jasper AI Review (2024) – Best AI Writing Tool? My Thoughts…

Jasper AI Review for 2024

My honest thoughts about this AI writing tool

Jasper AI, which used to be called Jarvis, caught my attention because it has lots of powerful AI writing tools and features. It promises to be fast and work well to generate AI content. So, I decided to try it out and found some things I really liked, but also some areas that could be better… 😅

I want to take you through a detailed Jasper AI review, talking about how it works, how safe it is, what kind of AI writing it can do, where it struggles, and how it compares to other similar tools. I’ll share my thoughts on whether Jasper AI lives up to its promises and if it’s a good tool to spend your money on.

jasper ai logo

So let’s put the AI copywriting technology to the test. Is the content it generates at the high level? Can Jasper AI really write long form blog posts and create content that’s indistinguishable from human writers?

Let’s explore and see how well it performs! 

⏰ My full Jasper AI review overview

  • Jasper AI uses GPT-4 language model to provide high content quality

  • Prioritizes data protection by implementing advanced security

  • Provides a 7-day free trial period, allowing explore all features

  • The software can write and translate content in 30+ languages

  • User-friendly AI writing templates, and integration with SurferSEO

  • Excels in creating long-form content, such as blog posts

  • Price begins at a competitive starting point of $39 per month

What is Jasper AI?

what is jasper ai

Jasper AI is an advanced AI writing tool that accelerates content creation five times faster than human copywriters. It delivers 100% original, plagiarism-free content with pre-written templates available.

Specializing in SEO-friendly content, Jasper AI helps users rank high on Google, attract visitors, and build organic website traffic.

With support for 30+ languages, it accommodates diverse needs, generating content for blogs, ad campaigns, social media posts, generate ideas, product descriptions and much more.

The user-friendly interface and efficient workflow make it a reliable choice for businesses of all sizes, offering affordable and accessible content creation with just simple inputs.

For who is Jasper AI the best?

Jasper AI is great for making work easier, overcoming writer’s block, and getting more content done. After checking it out thoroughly, I found that Jasper AI is perfect for:

  • Marketers: For crafting copies, landing pages and email campaigns

  • Content Creators: Creating long form content like blog posts

  • Social Media Managers: Creating engaging social media posts

  • Agencies and Teams: Streamlining collaborative efforts

  • SEO Specialists: To create SEO optimized content

  • Students and Academic Writers: Efficient academic writing

  • Small Business Owners: Quick content creation possibility

  • Quick Info Needs: Ideal for speedy creation of informative content.

Who should not use Jasper AI?

Jasper AI seems to be a really great AI writing tool, but certainly not for everyone. You shouldn’t use Jasper AI if you need:

  • Original storytelling content

  • Highly technical content

  • Fact-based information

  • Detailed niche industry information

  • Comprehensive and in-depth information

  • Support for investigative journalism

Jasper AI key features

jasper ai features

Jasper AI offers a range of fantastic features to elevate your content creation experience. Here are the main features: 

  • Boost your SEO: Effortlessly create SEO-optimized blog posts that stand out in search engine rankings. Jasper AI integration with Surfer SEO ensures that your content is automatically tailored for valuable keywords.

  • Grammarly Integration: Seamlessly edit your content with Grammarly, ensuring impeccable grammar and style. This integration enhances the overall quality of your writing.

  • Multilingual Capabilities: Jasper AI breaks language barriers by allowing you to write and translate content in 30+ languages. Connect with a global audience effortlessly.

  • Tailored Responses for Quora and Reviews: Craft personalized responses for Quora or reviews, enhancing your engagement and interaction on these platforms.

  • Instant Content Ideas: Get a creative spark with Jasper AI ability to generate blog post topics, meta descriptions, email subject lines, product descriptions, and more in just seconds.

  • Versatile Content Creation: Whether it’s social media posts, video scripts, video titles, sales email subject lines, or other formats, Jasper AI empowers you to create high-quality content across various platforms.

  • Content Improvement: Elevate existing content by using the content improve feature. Jasper AI rewrites and refines your text, injecting creativity and engagement with different copy variations.

Jasper AI pros and cons

Jasper AI pros:

  • Speedy results: 5x faster than other AI tools

  • Many languages: It supports over 30 languages

  • Plagiarism-free content: The tool ensures 100% content originality

  • Easy to use: The way Jasper AI looks and works is straightforward

  • SEO-friendly: It optimize your content for search engines

  • Long content: You can make long-form content in a few minutes

Jasper AI cons:

  • High cost: The price is high compared to other AI tools

  • Repetition problem: Jasper AI may repeat sometimes words

  • You need internet : Jasper requires internet; it won’t work offline

How to use Jasper AI?

how to use jasper ai

Jasper AI has a user-friendly interface with helpful features, meaning you won’t have to go searching for tools when you need them.

If you’re new to using tech software or AI applications, it might seem a bit tricky at first, but don’t worry, you’ll get the hang of it with time. Here’s a simple guide for beginners on using Jasper AI:

Step 1: Choose the right content template

In Jasper, there are many content templates to choose from. These templates help Jasper AI understand the context for writing the content you want. They include options like creative stories, long-form content, and blog posts.

Step 2: Provide relevant information to the template

Once you’ve picked a template in Jasper, you need to specify the details and data to be covered in your content. Be precise about the subject you want Jasper AI to write articles about. Also, you can set the tone or voice of your content.

Important tip: Take the word “precise” seriously. If you’re not specific, Jasper AI might miss the mark. And don’t forget, you can specify the tone writing style or voice of your content too.

Step 3: Let the magic happen!

No need for a complicated process or opening unnecessary tabs. Just click “Generate AI content” in Jasper, and there you go! Your freshly curated, 100% original content will be ready within 15 seconds, just like magic! 🧙‍♂️

Note: All the content created from scratch in Jasper AI is automatically saved, so you don’t have to worry about saving it every time you compile content manually using Jasper. Easy-peasy!

Content templates in Jasper AI

jasper ai templates

Jasper AI offers a vibrant mix of themes and features, including a range of user-friendly content templates. Picking a template in Jasper AI is a breeze, making content creation a simple task. 

Here’s a quick rundown of some notable templates:

  • Text Summarizer: Get a quality content summary in seconds

  • Blog Post Outline: Craft effective outlines effortlessly

  • Feature to Benefit: Transform product features into engaging benefits

  • Blog Post Conclusion: Add a compelling conclusion effortlessly

  • Creative Story: Overcome creative blocks with efficient storytelling

  • Sentence Expander: Expand content without fluff for engaging material

  • PAS Framework: Solve problems through effective copywriting

  • Content Improver: Elevate your content instantly

  • AIDA Framework: Ensure better engagement for social media & blog posts

  • Blog Post Topic Ideas: Receive top-ranking prompts for easy ideation

  • Video Description: Fine-tune your video copy easily

  • Persuasive Bullet Points: Improve workflow with pre-designed bullets

So, in case of urgent work or emergencies, just choose one of the templates listed above and let Jasper AI take care of the writing in seconds. This is a fast and efficient solution for getting the job done when time is of the essence. 📝

Jasper AI & Surfer SEO integration

jasper ai and surfer seo integration

In April 2021, Jasper announced an integration with a well-known on-page SEO tool, Surfer SEO. The collaboration aims to improve the creation of SEO-optimized content, making it easier to achieve higher rankings in search engines.

Personally, I have been using Surfer SEO for four years (including writing this text) and I can confirm how much this integration makes work easier. It is amazing!

The seamless integration allows writing content directly in the Jasper AI editor. By activating the SEO mode, Surfer’s suggestions for the topic at hand conveniently appear on the left side of the screen.

It’s worth noting that to leverage this integration, a subscription to both Surfer SEO and Jasper AI is required. The integration between Jasper AI and Surfer SEO simplifies the content creation process, satisfying the needs of those who prioritize effective on-page SEO. Love that! 😄

Jasper AI Chrome extension

Jasper AI Chrome extension

Jasper AI has recently rolled out its own Chrome Extension, and the best part? It’s absolutely free for users with a free account. This extension brings all the powerful features of Jasper AI right to your fingertips as you browse the internet.

Now, you can craft unique content using Jasper AI’s AI text generator on various platforms like Google Docs, WordPress, Webflow, Canva, YouTube, Gmail, Notion, and many more. What’s cool is that you get access to 60+ Jasper templates, allowing you to create diverse types of content effortlessly.

With the Jasper AI Chrome Extension, generating shareable content takes just a few seconds. Plus, you can enhance your content directly on platforms like Google Docs or the WordPress editor before hitting that publish button.

This extension is a time-saver when it comes to creating emails. It helps you generate responses swiftly and submit them in no time. You can grab this handy extension for free directly from the Jasper website or the Chrome Web Store.

What is Jasper Chat?

jasper chat review

Following in the footsteps of ChatGPT, Jasper AI has introduced its own chatbot called Jasper Chat. This chatbot simplifies Jasper AI’s functions by providing an easy way to generate content.

With Jasper Chat, you can have a natural conversation with artificial intelligence. Whether you need ideas, content creation, content correction, or even a good joke, this chatbot will keep you covered.

Getting started with Jasper Chat is straightforward – you can begin with a prompt or ask a question. The cool thing is that you can make your request more specific by giving the AI more details, making it easier for it to understand and meet your needs.

This AI chatbot encompasses knowledge on advanced topics and recent niches up to the summer of 2021. It even remembers your past conversations, allowing you to pick up right where you left off. Full access to Jasper Chat is available with any Jasper plan.

What is Jasper AI Art?

what is jasper art

Jasper AI Art is a tool that uses the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to create original images based on text descriptions entered by the user.

This versatile tool allows users to create a wide range of visual content, including sketches, paintings, 3D animations and more, with simple text input. From recreating nostalgic photos to imagining futuristic worlds, Jasper Art offers a dynamic platform for unleashing creative possibilities.

Jasper AI pricing plans

jasper ai pricing plans

Jasper AI is distinguished by its configurable pricing structure, offering great flexibility. The platform offers three different pricing plans to suit different needs and preferences.

Creator Plan

Jasper AI introduces its Creator Plan, a budget-friendly option at $49 per month or $39 per month when billed annually. With this plan, users enjoy unlimited word usage with the AI, access to a rich library of 50+ templates, 50 memories, and the benefits of Jasper Art and Jasper Chat. It’s an ideal starting point for individuals seeking versatile content creation with AI assistance.

👉 Try the Creator Plan here

Teams Plan

Stepping up the game, Jasper AI’s Teams Plan, priced at $125 per month or $99 per month annually, includes all the features of the Creator Plan. Additionally, users gain three members’ seats, accommodating up to 150 team members. The inclusion of three brand voices enhances customization options, making it perfect for collaborative content creation within a team environment.

👉 Try the Teams Plan here

Business Plan

For those with unique and demanding business needs, Jasper AI offers a fully customizable Business Plan. The pricing for this plan is tailored to individual requirements, providing more than ten member seats, a dedicated customer success manager, and advanced features designed to meet enterprise-level demands. 

👉 Try the Business Plan here

For those looking to explore the platform’s capabilities, a 7-day free trial is available, and the confidence in user satisfaction is further emphasized with a 100% refund option.

Jasper AI user reviews

jasper ai reviews

My adventure with Jasper AI so far has been positive, especially when it comes to creating long-form content. However, recognizing that personal experience does not automatically mean it is the absolute “best AI tool”, I began a comprehensive exploration.

Before choosing to use Jasper AI, I checked out lots of reviews online. To write this review, I looked at what people were saying on Jasper’s official testimonial page, discussion forums, YouTube videos, and more. 

I wanted to gather information from different places to share my thoughts with you. Here are some Jasper AI reviews I found online:

“I can do so much more so much faster because I’m cutting out a lot of the legwork in the copywriting, which is staring at the blank page and wondering what the heck I’m gonna write about.” – Sean Vosler

“Welcome to the future of copywriting. When I first hear about an AI writing marketing copy I thought that it would never sound natural but WOW Jasper nails it. It’s really mind-blowingly shocking how well it works.”Allison Waddell

“Jasper is not the cheapest AI content creation tool. Prices could be more affordable. It’s a volume plan, so long texts could become quite costly. Besides the pricing, there is a significant upside. It works best in English” Peter E.

“Writing a blog post using Jarvis is awesome. It takes my ideas about what each section should be about and not only expands on my initial thoughts but also comes up with ideas on things that I hadn’t even thought about. Love it!”Kevin Farugia

“Jasper is an amazing tool for any and all marketers or anyone looking to write any form of marketing or sales copy. Excited to continue using it and seeing how this further develops.”Mitch Mauldin

Based on the reviews from G2 and Capterra, around 1200+ users have given Jasper AI an impressive rating of 4.7/5 stars. This overwhelmingly positive feedback indicates a strong approval from many users.

Moreover, Trustpilot boasts reviews from over 4100 users who rated Jasper AI as an excellent tool, giving it a 4.5/5 stars. Considering the collective reviews and ratings, Jasper AI emerges as highly regarded and reliable software.

However, there’s a Reddit thread with mixed reviews, but it’s important to note that these opinions might be outdated.

It is also possible to try all of Jasper AI features on your own during a 7-day free trial period. You can test for yourself during this time if this tool is right for you. It’s worth checking out!

Jasper AI customer support

jasper ai customer support

Jasper AI takes customer support seriously, offering a dedicated resource section and email support that’s pretty handy. The resource section is like a treasure trove, filled with guides and tutorials to help you figure things out on your own. And if you ever run into a problem or have questions, their email support team is quick to respond – usually within 4 to 8 hours.

This kind of support makes navigating Jasper AI a breeze. The resource section is like your DIY helper, while the Jasper team is there for you when you need a bit more guidance on trickier stuff. It’s all about making sure you have the help you need to get the most out of Jasper AI.

Is Jasper AI better than ChatGPT?

is jasper ai better than chatgpt

Looking at our ChatGPT statistics, it’s clear that the tool is actively used by a whopping 150+ million users. With such widespread usage, ChatGPT is undeniably making a significant impact. 

But the question arises: Is Jasper AI better than ChatGPT? 🤔

It turns out, ChatGPT and Jasper AI cater to different audiences. ChatGPT excels in answering questions, providing content generation guidance, and serving a broad user base. It’s particularly focused on conversational AI.

In contrast, Jasper AI leans towards creating targeted marketing content and producing high-quality written material. To simplify, it’s more tailored for specific content creation needs.

Let’s quickly compare Jasper AI and ChatGPT across some key parameters:

Parameters Jasper AI ChatGPT

Language model


GPT-4 Turbo

Supported languages




Google Docs, WordPress, SurferSEO, Grammarly, Chrome, Zapier, Make

No official integrations

Free version

Only 7-day trial


Use cases

Website copy, blog posts, social media content, ad copy, email marketing campaigns, etc.

Chatbots, virtual assistants, short-form content etc.

Overall Ratings (G2)



In my opinion both ChatGPT and Jasper AI offer fantastic features. The choice depends on your specific needs and the type of content you’re aiming to create.

Jasper AI rating details

⭐ Rating 📝 Details

Security (5/5)

Jasper AI prioritizes security with a top-notch rating. Your data and interactions are safeguarded, ensuring a secure environment for your content creation endeavors.

Customer support (4/5)

Jasper AI provides commendable customer support, earning a solid rating. With a dedicated resource section and responsive email support, assistance is readily available for users, contributing to a positive user experience.

Pricing (4/5)

The pricing structure at Jasper AI is well-received, striking a balance between features and cost. Users find the pricing reasonable and reflective of the value they receive from the platform.

Content quality (4.5/5)

Jasper AI excels in delivering high-quality content, garnering positive reviews for the caliber of output it produces. Users appreciate the tool's ability to generate compelling and polished content across various domains.

Easy to use (5/5)

User-friendliness is a standout of Jasper AI. With an intuitive interface and straightforward navigation, users find the platform easy to grasp and integrate into their content creation workflow seamlessly.

Languages (5/5)

Jasper AI supports over 30+ languages, catering to a global user base. This inclusivity enhances accessibility and allows users to create content in their preferred language effortlessly.

AI image generator (3/5)

The built-in Jasper Art function for generating images using artificial intelligence works well, but it's certainly not the tool's strongest feature. It is just an interesting add-on.

Features (5/5)

Jasper AI is packed with powerful features to enhance your content creation process. Craft tailored responses for Quora and reviews, generate instant content ideas, and enjoy versatile content creation, spanning social media posts to video scripts.

Jasper AI review verdict

jasper ai review

Jasper AI is packed with fantastic features that make creating various types of AI content a breeze. During my thorough testing, what really impressed me was its knack for understanding what I specifically needed for my content.

Unlike some other AI writing tools, Jasper AI seems to get your marketing requirements right, delivering speedy and high-quality content. However, it’s not flawless; there’s room for improvement in terms of accuracy and content enhancement.

It’s definitely a handy tool to boost your workflow, but it’s not a one-stop-shop. Having a human writer and editor to double-check the content generated by Jasper AI is still a good practice.

In the grand scheme of things, Jasper AI, like any other AI tool, benefits from a touch of human intervention. This helps ensure accurate facts and alignment with your unique needs unless you’re fine with producing more generic content!

The good news is you can use Jasper AI free for 7 days. Testing it out will give you a firsthand look at whether Jasper AI is a worthwhile addition to your toolkit!

Frequently asked questions

Jasper AI provides a 7-day free trial, granting users full access to all the features available in any plan. To kickstart your trial and explore the capabilities of Jasper AI, you can conveniently utilize our exclusive link here. This trial period offers an excellent opportunity to experience the tool’s features.

👉 Get the 7-day free trial here

Jasper AI and ChatGPT cater to different needs in AI-generated content. Jasper AI is specialized for marketing, offering a guided experience tailored for creating marketing content. In contrast, ChatGPT is a versatile AI chatbot suitable for various conversational tasks.

Both serve as AI writing assistants, with Jasper AI focusing on targeted marketing content creation, while ChatGPT provides a broader range of applications.

Jasper AI is a versatile tool used for creating diverse content, including blog articles, AI-generated content, long-form pieces, marketing copy, product descriptions, ad copy, podcast descriptions and much more. Its capabilities cater to a wide range of AI content creation needs, making it a valuable asset for various formats and purposes.

Jasper Chat, part of the Jasper AI app, is a responsive chatbot that enables users to ask AI questions, generate ideas, and refine content instantly. As a versatile AI writing assistant, it enhances the content creation process, ensuring users can create high-quality content seamlessly.

Whether you’re focused on content marketing or general content creation, Jasper Chat offers a user-friendly platform for AI-powered assistance.

As of now, Jasper AI does not have an API, according to official sources. However, there is potential for an API launch in the future, depending on user demand. The platform remains open to evolving based on user needs, and any updates regarding the introduction of an API will be communicated accordingly.

Creating a Jasper AI account is quick and easy. Visit the official website, click on “Sign-Up” or “Get Started,” provide your email and password, choose a plan, complete the payment process, and confirm your email address if required.

After these steps, you’ll have access to your Jasper AI account and can start utilizing its features for creating content.

Jasper AI has earned outstanding user reviews, with over 1200 users on G2 and Capterra giving it a stellar rating of 4.7/5 stars. Additionally, Trustpilot features reviews from more than 4100 users, rating Jasper AI as excellent with 4.5/5 stars. Overall, Jasper AI is widely appreciated and considered reliable by a majority of users.

Yes, Jasper AI includes an AI image generator called Jasper Art. This tool is designed for marketing and business writing, providing users with the capability to generate images from text.

With preset visual styles and mood options, Jasper Art makes it easy for users to create visually engaging content even with limited prompting experience.

Yes! Jasper AI can generate entire blog posts, including crafting blog post outlines, blog post intro paragraph, generating long-form content, and creating engaging introduction paragraphs. It’s a versatile tool for bloggers, simplifying the process of generating blog articles with speed and efficiency.

Just input your key points, and Jasper AI takes care of the content creation, allowing you to focus on refining and personalizing the generated material to suit your brand identity unique style and needs.

Both Jasper AI and Copymatic are excellent AI writing assistant tools catering to various writing and marketing needs. Jasper AI stands out for teams and businesses with its versatile pricing options. On the other hand, Copymatic is well-suited for writers who primarily work with web content.

Copy AI is more budget-friendly, excels in short-form content generation, and may perform better for social media posts or emails. On the other hand, Jasper AI, though priced higher, is the preferred choice for long-form content and offers advanced features.

Consider your content goals, budget, and the type of content you prioritize when making a decision between the two. Both tools have unique strengths catering to different aspects of content creation.

Absolutely! Jasper AI excels at generating high-quality content, making it an ideal choice for creating long-form blog posts and articles.

Whether you’re a small business owner looking to streamline the process of content creation or seeking assistance in writing engaging pieces, Jasper AI is designed to help you create compelling long-form content effortlessly.

Best Jasper AI alternatives


Overview: Copymatic is an AI writing tool designed to assist users in creating compelling and engaging content. It offers features for generating various types of written material, catering to the needs of content creators.

Strengths: Well-suited for diverse needs to create content, Copymatic provides an array of templates and functionalities to streamline the writing process.

Copy AI

Overview: Copy AI is a popular AI writing tool known for its versatility in generating content. It caters to different writing styles and purposes, making it a valuable asset for those seeking assistance in various aspects of content generating.

Strengths: Copy AI is recognized for its user-friendly interface and the ability to generate content for social media, marketing, and more. It is suitable for both short-form and long-form content.


Overview: Writesonic is an AI writing tool that focuses on providing users with an efficient platform for creating content. It is designed to assist in generating high-quality written material for diverse purposes.

Strengths: Writesonic stands out for its capability to create AI content for different marketing needs, including ad copy, blog posts, and product descriptions. It offers a variety of templates to streamline the writing process.

4.9/5 - (27 votes)

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