Beehiiv Review (2024) – Honest Opinion About This Software…

Beehiiv review for 2024

Is it worth using this email marketing software?

If you’re into email marketing, you’ve probably heard about Beehiiv. It claims to be the next big thing, promising innovative features to spice up your campaigns. But is this really true?

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In this Beehiiv review, we’re going to break down what this modern newsletter platform can do, talk about how much it costs, list out all the features and pros and cons, and figure out if it’s worth giving a shot.

Let’s dive into Beehiiv and see if the hype is for real… 🤔

⏰ Beehiiv review quick summary

Beehiiv is an ideal all-in-one platform for newsletter creators, offering valuable features. Here’s a quick summary of our review:

  • Seamless content creation, monetization, and audience growth.

  • Transparent pricing with versatile monetization options.

  • SEO-optimized web hosting for enhanced visibility.

  • Features like Magic Links and Boosts for engagement and growth.

👉 In essence, Beehiiv is a powerful toolkit for newsletter success, catering to creators at all levels, including those exploring the free plan.

What is Beehiiv?

what is beehiiv - review - my opinion

Beehiiv is a creator friendly newsletter platform designed to make your life easier when it comes to reaching people through emails. It’s like a helper for businesses and marketers who want to send out emails to customers or clients.

The newsletter platform comes with a bunch of features meant to improve your email game. Whether you’re a small business or a seasoned marketer, Beehiiv claims to have the tools to help you connect with your audience more effectively.

So, let’s take a closer look at what Beehiiv has up its sleeves.

Beehiiv key features

The software packs a punch with its range of features tailored to simplify and supercharge your email marketing efforts. Here all key features Beehiiv offers:

  • Email newsletter editor

  • Subscriber management

  • Referral program feature

  • Custom HTML in emails

  • Beehiiv AI assistant

  • Sign-up forms creator

  • Advanced analitycs

  • Beehiiv ad network

  • Special magic links

  • Paid subscriptions

  • Website hosting

As we explore Beehiiv further in this review, we’ll dig into whether these features are more than just promises and if it lives up to the expectations it sets. Stay tuned to find out if this newsletter platform is the missing piece in your email marketing puzzle.

Sending emails in Beehiiv

beehiiv dashboard review

Now, let’s explore the process of sending emails in Beehiiv.

After successfully registering on Beehiiv, you’ll find yourself directed to the main dashboard, presenting a comprehensive snapshot of your email campaigns’ performance over the last 30 days.

The dashboard showcases vital statistics, including the count of active subscribers, the average open rate (indicating the percentage of engaged subscribers who opened your newsletters), and the average click rate (reflecting the percentage of active subscribers who interacted with any links in your newsletters).

As of the 2024 update, the Beehiiv offers a very user-friendly interface for quick insights into your campaign effectiveness. For new Beehiiv users, the array of options on the left sidebar may seem a bit overwhelming.

Premium subscriptions in Beehiiv

beehiv paid subscriptions feature review

Making money from your newsletter is a smart idea, and Beehiiv makes it easy with something called “premium subscriptions”.

With Beehiiv, you can quickly set up different levels of subscriptions that people pay for. This means they get special, exclusive stuff from your newsletter. And to make sure everything is safe and secure, Beehiiv uses something called Stripe for payments.

But Beehiiv doesn’t stop there! They go the extra mile by letting you create cool offers to encourage more people to choose the paid subscription. It’s like giving your readers something special and making them want more.

When someone decides to go for the paid subscription, Beehiiv makes sure it’s a smooth process for them. When new subscribers sign up, they can choose to stick with the free stuff or go for the special paid subscription. It’s all about giving them options that fit what they like.

Just a heads up, though – to use these special premium subscriptions, you’ll need to be on a paid plan with Beehiiv. But personally, I think it’s a great deal! 👍

Newsletter A/B testing in Beehiiv

Beehiiv A/B testing isn’t just about trying different subject lines – it’s like trying out different parts of your email, like the words, buttons, pictures, and even when you send it. It’s like making sure every bit of your email is just the way your audience likes it.

Trying out different versions of your emails with Beehiiv is super easy. You can send them to a small group first, and Beehiiv checks which one works better. Then, you can use the better version for everyone else.

What’s really cool is that A/B testing doesn’t just help you try things out – it also teaches you what your audience likes. It tells you which words or pictures make people more interested. So, every email you send gets a bit smarter.

Beehiiv’s A/B testing is not hard to use. It’s right there with almost all the features and other tools in Beehiiv that make sending emails easy. It’s like Beehiiv wants to help you send emails that really work.

Email templates in Beehiiv

beehiiv templates review

Beehiiv email templates are like pre-made designs for your emails, so you don’t have to start from scratch every time you want to send something. 

It’s a real time-saver!

In Beehiiv, you can choose from email templates that you’ve sent before. Once you choose one, you can add your own text, pictures and make it look the way you want.

And here’s the cool part – you don’t need to be a tech whiz to do it. Beehiiv templates are made to be user-friendly, so anyone can create a great-looking email.

Whether you’re sending updates, newsletters, or anything else, Beehiiv’s email templates make it quick and simple. It’s like having a personal designer for your emails, but without the hassle!

So, if you want to make your emails look awesome without spending a ton of time, this newsletter platform email templates are definitely worth checking out.

Unfortunately, Beehiiv itself does not have an portfolio of ready-made e-mail templates, so you have to create and save all of them yourself, which may be a problem for some…

Boosts feature by Beehiiv

beehiiv boosts feature opinion

Beehiiv Boosts feature is a smart way to speed up the growth of your email subscriber list, and even earn some extra money.

If you’re eager to expand your email list faster, Beehiiv gives you a chance to promote your newsletter to thousands of Beehiiv users who are genuinely interested in what you have to share. According to Beehiiv Boosts, getting one active subscriber through this method costs, on average, $1.63.

Now, here’s where it gets interesting… If you’re thinking about making some money from your newsletter on Beehiiv, you can apply to boost subscription revenue from other newsletters.

For every new subscriber you bring in, you get paid. It’s a win-win! Just keep in mind that to receive your Boost earnings, you’ll need to set up a Stripe account.

Custom HTML in emails

beehiiv html emails feature

Beehiiv understands the importance of creative freedom. With custom HTML, users are given the power to design emails exactly as they envision.

For users well-versed in HTML coding, Beehiiv’s custom HTML feature opens the door to advanced styling. You can experiment with fonts, layouts, and design elements to create visually appealing emails.

Beyond aesthetics, custom HTML allows for the integration of dynamic content. Whether it’s interactive elements or personalized sections, this feature elevates user engagement by offering more than just static emails.

Beehiiv doesn’t stop at just providing custom HTML. It ensures that these emails display flawlessly across various devices and email clients.

Beehiiv AI assistant

beehiiv artificial intelligence rating

Not long ago, Beehiiv introduced a brand new AI writing assistant. It’s a powerful tool designed specifically for newsletter operators, changing the way they create content. See why, (in my opinion) this is a game-changer.

Making content better with less work – that’s the goal. The AI writing assistant makes creating content easy, letting operators express their ideas effortlessly while keeping the quality top-notch.

Creating magic is simple. Just describe your idea, choose how you want it to feel, and watch the AI writing assistant bring it to life. It’s like magic, making it easy for operators to turn thoughts into engaging content.

beehiiv ai writer feature

Beehiiv AI text tools do a lot of things. They can correct, complete, adjust the tone, or even create a whole new text. It’s a toolkit that gives operators the flexibility and make their written content impactful.

Going beyond words, Beehiiv AI image tools let operators create beautiful images with their imagination. Describe the image you want, and see it come to life. It’s a fun way to add a captivating visual touch to newsletters.

Breaking language barriers, Beehiiv AI translator can translate content into multiple languages right in the editor. This feature ensures that newsletters can talk to people all around the world, expanding reach and engagement.

I haven’t seen such a powerful AI feature in any other email marketing tool. This is really a big plus for Beehiiv. Simply said – WOW! 🤯

Beehiiv automations

beehiiv automations

Another quite new feature in this tool are automations. I’m very happy that Beehiiv finally decided to add them, because they make work a lot easier.

Beehiiv’s automations ensures that your subscribers receive messages precisely when they need them, based on their engagement.

The analytics suite offers insightful reports on automation performance. This feature empowers users to make data-driven decisions, optimizing and refining their automation strategy over time for continuous improvement.

Once set up, Beehiiv’s automations run independently, saving valuable time for users. This hands-free approach ensures consistent communication without the need for constant manual intervention, streamlining operations.

How It Works:

  • Trigger: Initiates the automation journey based on subscriber actions such as Sign-Up or Upgrade.

  • Customize automation flow: Yo can design a tailored experience using Beehiiv’s intuitive grid builder, adding steps, time delays, and conditional branches.

  • Craft your emails: Here you can compose engaging and personalized emails for each step in the automation flow.

  • Monitor performance: You can keep track of subscriber progress and analyze email performance, making informed decisions for continuous optimization.

Triggers Currently Available:

  • Signed up

  • Email submitted

  • Survey Form Submission

  • Upgraded

  • Downgraded

  • Manual

Types of Automation Series:

  • Welcome Series

  • Upgrade Series

  • Re-engagement Campaign

  • Content Series

  • Downgrade Series

In my opinion, Beehiiv automation feature is a game-changer, making my work so much easier. It’s like having a reliable assistant that sends messages to my subscribers exactly when they need them.

What I love most is the personal touch it adds to my messages. Crafting tailored experiences for each subscriber boosts engagement and loyalty, giving my brand a special touch.

Landing pages in Beehiiv

beehiiv landing page

If you’re just embarking on your email marketing journey with Beehiiv, a strategic starting point is to create a landing page, providing your target audience with an avenue to subscribe to your newsletter.

Here’s a step-by-step guide how to do it:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Publication > General to initiate the creation of a dedicated landing page tailored for your target audience.

  2. The process involves a quick completion of essential information, image uploads, and specifying the response email to activate your landing page. Opting for the Grow plan ($49 billed monthly, with a 14-day free trial) unlocks the option to use a custom domain for added branding.

When it comes to crafting your landing page on Beehiiv, bear in mind that the free plan allows for a single landing page, referred to as a “Publication.” To host multiple publications, one would need to opt for the Scale plan at $99 if billed monthly.

beehiiv landing page builder

While customization options may be somewhat restricted for publications, Beehiiv’s clutter-free design ensures a focus on the key element – the subscription form. This strategic approach aims to enhance user engagement and simplify the process for both marketers and subscribers alike.

Beehiiv partner program

beehiiv partner program

Beehiiv goes beyond being just a platform – it’s a potential revenue stream for content creators through its enticing Partner Program. Here’s the lowdown on why Beehiiv Partner Program caught our eye:

  • Becoming a partner is a hassle-free process. The registration is designed to get you swiftly on board and ready to tap into the program’s benefits.

  • As a partner, your mission is clear – spread the word about Beehiiv among your audience.

  • The financial incentive is noteworthy. Beehiiv partner program offers a 50% commission for every sale generated within the first year from new paid customers you refer.

  • While they previously used Wise for payouts, they’ve transitioned to PayPal for a more streamlined and efficient commission processing. Expect your hard-earned commissions to land in your PayPal account every month.

Beehiiv pricing plans

beehiiv pricing plans

Beehiiv platform extends a range of pricing plans to cater to diverse needs within the realm of email marketing. Here is the current Beehiiv pricing:

  • Launch Plan (Free): The inaugural Launch Plan is your gateway to Beehiiv, and the best part – it’s free. Dive into essential features like the intuitive email editor, own website, beehiiv website hosting, CMS, and nurture your newsletter with a cap of 2,500 subscribers. Unlimited sends, subscriber analytics, a recommendation network, and optimized deliverability are all part of the package.

  • Grow Plan ($42 per month, billed annually): Elevate your email game with the Grow Plan, priced at $42 per month (annually billed). Ideal for scaling up to 10,000 subscribers, this plan enhances the Launch features by introducing custom domains, premium subscriptions, advanced subscriber management, audience polls, survey and subscribe forms, multiple team members, and API access.

  • Scale Plan ($84 per month, billed annually): Catering to larger audiences of up to 100,000 subscribers, the Scale Plan, priced at $84 per month (annually billed), encompasses everything in the Grow Plan. Enjoy additional perks like an advanced web builder, ad network, referral program, automations, boosts, 3D analytics, Beehiiv AI, A/B testing, and priority support.

  • Enterprise Plan: Tailored for newsletter powerhouses, the Enterprise Plan comes with a suite of advanced features and customizations. While specific pricing details are not publicly listed, those intrigued by this top-tier plan are encouraged to engage directly with Beehiiv’s sales team for a personalized exploration of the offerings.

In the vast landscape of email marketing solutions, Beehiiv tiered pricing plans ensure that whether you’re just starting or managing a colossal audience, there’s a plan to suit your needs.

Beehiiv referral program

Beehiiv offers a cool thing called the “referral program feature“. It’s like a way to get more people to join your newsletter, and you get rewards for it!

Here’s how it works: You can set up different rewards for your readers when they get more people to join. It’s all super easy to keep track of in the dashboard.

And the best part? You can choose what rewards to give! It could be a shoutout on a blog post, Twitter or even sending them special stuff. You get to be creative and make rewards that your readers will really like.

What’s important – this referral program feature is only for people on Beehiiv paid subscription plans. So, if you want to make your newsletter grow faster with the help of your readers, Beehiiv referral program is something you should check out!

Beehiiv pros and cons

beehiiv pros and cons

After a few weeks with Beehiiv, my experience has unveiled both positive and negative aspects. Let’s delve into the notable pros and cons:

Beehiiv pros

Beehiiv cons

Beehiiv review summary

beehiiv review - pricing, features, details, ratings

After an in-depth exploration of Beehiiv, it stands out as a robust and user-friendly platform for newsletter creators. The sleek email editor, SEO-optimized web hosting, and premium subscriptions offer a comprehensive toolkit for content creation, monetization, and audience growth.

In summary, Beehiiv earns a commendable rating of 4.6 / 5, offering a powerful suite of tools for newsletter creators. Its innovative features, coupled with a user-friendly interface, make it a compelling choice for those looking to create, monetize, and grow their newsletters effectively. 

While there are some limitations, the overall package makes Beehiiv a strong contender in the realm of email marketing platforms.

My rating for Beehiiv is 4.6 / 5

👉 Want to test the tool yourself? Open a free account here.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, Beehiiv offers a free plan called the Launch Plan. It provides access to essential features, allowing you to grow your newsletter up to 2,500 subscribers. This plan includes unlimited sends, campaign analytics, a recommendation network, newsletter platform and optimized deliverability.

Beehiiv is recognized as a user-friendly and feature-rich newsletter platform. It offers various plans catering to different needs, providing tools for email creation, audience growth, and monetization writing newsletters. The effectiveness depends on your specific requirements, but many users find Beehiiv to be a valuable solution.

Yes, Beehiiv newsletter platform provides several features to help you monetize your emails. Premium subscriptions, paying subscribers, Boosts, and the Beehiiv referral program are avenues where you can potentially generate income. The effectiveness of beehiiv monetization opportunities depends on factors like your content, audience engagement, and chosen monetization methods.

Yes, Beehiiv offers a referral program. It allows you to incentivize your readers to become subscribers of your newsletter, and in return, you earn rewards. The referral program is available exclusively to Beehiiv’s paid plans.

Yes, Beehiiv website feature offers custom domain functionality. This feature is available in the Grow and Scale plans, allowing you to use your own domain to enhance the branding of your newsletter.

The choice between Beehiiv and Substack depends on your specific needs. Both platforms offer amazing features. Beehiiv provides options like Boosts, premium subscriptions, and a referral program, while Substack is known for its simplicity and free plan.

Beehiiv has a community of over 150,000 users / publishers. This vibrant user base showcases the platform’s popularity among creators looking to leverage Beehiiv’s features for their newsletters.

Beehiiv Ad Network is a feature that allows newsletter creators to monetize their newsletters through advertisements. This feature enables publishers to earn revenue by displaying relevant ads to their subscribers. Beehiiv facilitates a seamless connection between advertisers and newsletter creators, providing an additional avenue for content monetization.

Yes, Beehiiv provides SEO-optimized web hosting. This feature ensures that your hosted content is configured to be search engine-friendly, enhancing visibility and discoverability on search engine results pages.

Yes, in my opinion choosing a paid Beehiiv plan is worth it as it grants access to all features. The paid plans unlock the platform’s full potential, providing comprehensive tools for content creation, audience growth, and monetization. Especially since Beehiiv pricing is not expensive looking at its huge number of features.

4.8/5 - (17 votes)

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